Vienna Airport: Smugglers don’t know a lockdown


“Corona does not stop criminals” – this is the conclusion drawn by airport customs team leader Roland Karner when looking at the findings from 2020. Despite an immense drop in passenger numbers of 75 percent at Vienna Airport, the customs officers were fully represented. Finance Minister Gernot Bl├╝mel also paid tribute to this commitment with a visit to the presentation of the finds. And they are strange.

In addition to all sorts of stuffed animals, jewelry from hunting trophies and of course cigarettes, there were also potency pills and fake branded clothing. Due to the lack of tourists, the dealers could not sell them in their home countries in 2020, which is why they were exported. Nevertheless, this contraband accounts for a small proportion of the finds, at just three percent.

At 34.5 percent, most of the cases were apprehensions under animal health law. The officers found a total of 2,156 illegally imported articles from this category: 1.5 tons of meat, 1.5 tons of dairy products and around 50 kilograms of honey were confiscated.

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Vienna Airport Smugglers dont lockdown


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