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Virologist assesses the threat in Germany


Corona variant P.1 is raging in Brazil

More than twelve million people have been infected, more than 300,000 are dead. And for the first time this week, more than 3,000 people died within a single day. Brazil is a global corona hotspot, after the USA the country most severely affected by the corona pandemic. One of the reasons for this is the corona mutation P.1. The variant has now also been detected in many other countries – there are already cases of the Brazilian mutant in Germany. Are we facing numbers similar to those in Brazil? Virologist Dr. Martin Stürmer explains in the video how much Germany is threatened by the Brazilian mutation.

TVNOW documentaries: Corona and the consequences

The corona virus has kept the world in suspense for months. On TVNOW you can now find exciting documentation on the origins, spread and consequences of the pandemic.

10 facts about the corona vaccination

For many people, the first corona vaccination appointment is getting closer and closer. But there are still many unanswered questions and new ones are added every day. When can I make an appointment? Who can I contact for a vaccination appointment? What should people with cancer and pregnant women watch out for? Can I choose my active substance myself and do I have to follow the AHA rules after the vaccination? Should I get vaccinated even though I already had Corona? We answer these and more questions in our web story here.

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Virologist assesses threat Germany


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