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US President Joe Biden (78, Democrat) invites Russian President Vladimir Putin (68) and China’s President Xi Jinping (67) to the climate summit!

The USA wants to discuss measures there to accelerate and deepen global efforts in the fight against climate change. The focus is on efforts to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, the AP news agency quotes US government circles.

Biden wanted to tie in with the efforts of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, which Donald Trump had put on hold.

The forum should be held in virtual form on April 22nd and 23rd. A total of 40 representatives from different countries are to be invited, including those that are particularly hard hit by climate change.

Under Biden, the US government is pursuing the goal of significantly reducing the Co2 emissions of the American economy in the areas of coal, gas and oil through drastic measures.

The Biden government has deliberately invited heads of government outside of the international partners to the talks, it said.

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Virtual talks Biden invites Putin climate summit Politics


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