Visitor world at Vienna Airport remains closed


The visitor deck at Vienna Airport has been closed for several months. The rest of the range of services offered by the visitor world, including tours on the apron, has also been suspended. Originally, the visitor world should have resumed soon, but in view of the increasing number of infections and intensive care units in hospitals that are already overloaded due to the corona pandemic, there is no longer any talk.

“We do not know when we will unlock again,” said a person in charge when asked by Austrian Wings.

From April 1st to 6th, Eastern Austria will go into the next lockdown, with doctors already expecting an extension.

The massive increase in the number of infections in recent weeks is due to several factors: On the one hand, the British variant of Covid-19 is spreading more easily than the original variant. In addition, there is a carefree and discipline-free behavior of many people and the opening steps that have been heavily criticized by doctors in advance.


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Visitor world Vienna Airport remains closed


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