Vitamin D expert: “I take 2000 units a day”


WORLD: Advertisements often suggest that you need to take certain dietary supplements to strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from disease. Is that marketing or is there something to it?

Martin Smollich: You have to differentiate. The central question is whether you are deficient in certain micronutrients or not. The immune system naturally needs certain nutrients in order to function optimally. These include vitamin C, vitamin D and the trace element zinc. If you have too little of these substances, you generally have a higher risk of infections. If you are adequately supplied with these substances, dietary supplements do not work as an additional “booster”, but have no health benefit whatsoever. On the contrary, they can even have undesirable effects or negatively influence the effects of drugs. Food supplements are not drugs.

WORLD: Is it at all possible and sensible from a purely physiological point of view to strengthen or stimulate one’s immune system beyond its normal function?

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Vitamin expert units day


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