VW ID.3: trailer load and roof load of zero kilos


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VW ID.3 with zero kilos of trailer and roof load
E-cars are not suitable for trailers and roof boxes

A look at the technical data of the ID.3 reveals a gap. VW does not specify a usable roof or trailer load. Mistake or intent?

Truck manufacturers in the US have long since made maximizing trailer loads a cult. With each new generation, the heavyweights of GMC, Chevrolet or Ford are facing fierce competition. The current king of traction, the Ram 3500 Heavy Duty, takes almost 17 tons on the hook. Or to put it another way: That’s a good ten VW ID.3s in a row. Exactly this scenario is pretty much the only one in which you can bring “trailer load” and “ID.3” into one sentence.


E-VW with a boat on the trailer? Only works with the ID.4

Only cyclists are happy

Anyone who configures the new Volks-Stromer and would like to have a trailer hitch looks into the tube. Did VW forget something in the options catalog? A look at the technical data reveals: No, a trailer hitch would be pretty useless. The maximum trailer load is braked and unbraked: at zero kilos. Well, then just use a roof box? Eh, no. VW also gives the roof load – you guessed it – zero kilos. Only cyclists have reason to be happy, because in the configurator a “device for attaching a bicycle rack for towing devices, detachable” can be selected. Costs 390 euros.

VW ID.3 roof load trailer load zero kilos bike rack


The trailer coupling of the ID.3 is not suitable for trailers, but only for bike carriers.

The extra looks like a trailer coupling, but is only intended for corresponding bike carriers. When not in use, the “device” is apparently hidden in the rear apron behind the number plate and, according to VW, can handle a vertical load of at least 50 kilos. That should be enough for two e-bikes.

Hyundai Ioniq Elektro, Kia e-Niro, Tesla Model 3, VW ID.3

Achim Hartmann

A trunk volume of 385 liters (1,267 liters with the rear seats folded down) must be sufficient for the transport of bulky goods.

The remaining of the maximum 543 payload kilos must therefore be distributed in the interior of the VW ID.3. Unfortunately, the little Stromer is not suitable for the Saturday excursion to Grüngut-Platz. If you want that, you have to pick up a few extra thousands. To buy an ID.4. Thanks to the roof rails, it is also expressly suitable for mounting a roof rack.

You can find out which qualities the smaller ID.3 otherwise has or lacks in our photo show.


For the Golf 8. The 9th generation will also be future-proof – as a plug-in hybrid.

For the ID.3. You can still sell it in 5 years without any major loss of value.

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