“Want to prevent night rioting”: Police are preparing for the second St. Gallen night of riot


“We think we can achieve something with these provocations and show that we are not going to put up with everything from the police,” said a call that is currently being shared on social media. We should meet again this weekend. On Friday, April 2nd, at 8 p.m. on Red Square. “It must escalate,” it continues.

The St. Gallen City Police is meanwhile preparing for a possible second scenario. “We are aware of the calls that are circulating on the Internet,” said police spokesman Dionys Widmer. “Our goal is very clear to prevent a night of rioting like the one last Friday.” For reasons of police tactics, further information cannot be given.

Over 200 people gathered in St. Gallen’s Red Square on Saturday night. The mood became increasingly aggressive. Local police were abused and pelted with bottles and stones, according to a message. The emergency services had used irritants and rubber shot, and finally the meeting broke up.

The groups then marched through the city center and caused property damage amounting to several tens of thousands of francs. One policeman was slightly injured and had to be treated in the hospital.

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prevent night rioting Police preparing Gallen night riot


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