Warm front pushes over Germany: temperatures rise again on Saturday – meteorology


Saturday night is often clear. As a result, the temperatures in almost all of Germany can drop into the frost range. Slightly positive degrees can only be reached on the coasts. It is widespread that -5 to -1 degrees are expected. Over the fresh snow, the temperatures can drop again to as low as -10 degrees. In the case of snowfall in the south there is a risk of ice.

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Current turns northwest again

The current will turn increasingly from east to northwest on Saturday. Parts of central Germany come under the influence of high pressure until the north-westerly current has completely returned in the evening. This allows the sun to come through during the day in the southern half. In the Alps, however, it continued to snow in showers on Saturday.

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Warm front from the north

A warm front is advancing north of the high pressure influence. This displaces the very cold air at high altitude to the southeast. The warm front brings cloud cover to northwest Germany – but also warmer temperatures. During the day, temperatures in the northwest are 3 to 8 degrees. Otherwise it will only be a maximum of -2 to 6 degrees.

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Warm front pushes Germany temperatures rise Saturday meteorology


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