Warning strikes work – the zero round wobbles


After almost 30 rounds of negotiations, there is now movement in collective bargaining in the metal and electrical industry. “Substantial one-off payments” for the year 2021 will be offered to IG Metall in the next collective bargaining on Thursday in the North Rhine-Westphalia tariff area, announced Arndt Kirchhoff, President of the NRW Metal Employers’ Association via the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. So far, employers had insisted on a zero round in 2021. There could be more money in 2022 at the earliest.

The next hearing will take place today in Baden-Württemberg. IG Metall wants to achieve a wage result before Easter – and continues to press for warning strikes. “We’re running out of time. Overcoming the differences at the negotiating table by Easter is more than a sport, ”said Jörg Hofmann. “We’ll try, but we’ll also prepare to continue after Easter.”

So far, 780,000 have been on warning strike

So far, around 780,000 employees have taken part in the warning strikes in the metal and electrical industries. One focus of the warning strikes in the metal and electrical industry was in Berlin and Brandenburg yesterday. Metal workers from more than 34 companies took part in car parades and other activities in Berlin, Brandenburg an der Havel, Hennigsdorf and Ludwigsfelde. At noon, the Berlin employees met at the Olympic Stadium.

“It’s time for employers to get moving,” demanded Birgit Dietze, IG Metall district manager. “We are still waiting for a serious offer and a fourth negotiation date with the two employers’ associations in our district. Our colleagues prove every day that they keep everything running even in times of Corona. “

Warning strikes also in the iron and steel industry

In the early morning, around 600 metal workers from five factories around ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt were on a warning strike. 170 colleagues from the Brandenburg electric steelworks BES took part in a car parade. And around 180 employees at Ilsenburger Grobblech and two other companies took part in a warning strike.

(Photo: IG Metall)

In the East German steel industry, IG Metall is demanding a volume of 4 percent more money, which can also be used to secure jobs. In a digital round of negotiations on March 17th, the employers put an initial offer on the table. In the eyes of IG Metall, however, this is inadequate when it comes to remuneration and term.

Thousands at drive-in demos in North Rhine-Westphalia

There were also numerous campaigns in North Rhine-Westphalia on Tuesday – the largest in Duisburg. There 1,300 employees demonstrated in front of the MSV stadium in a drive-in cinema.

“The employees support the IG Metall collective bargaining demands. This is proven by over 780,000 people involved in warning strikes and actions, ”explained Christiane Benner, second chairwoman of IG Metall. “It is high time that employers in the metal and electrical industry finally submitted an offer. We need higher salaries and resilient future agreements for safer jobs. We also need apprenticeship positions and the permanent employment of all apprentices. There must be no generation Corona. “

Christiane Benner, Vice Chairwoman of IG Metall (Photo: Thomas Range)

At Ford in Cologne an action with 450 shop stewards took place. There were other campaigns in Bielefeld, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Rietberg and Paderborn. 300 steel workers came together for a drive-in rally in Siegen. This action was accompanied by 350 strikers in the home office or on the premises of DEW in Siegen and Thyssenkrupp in Eichen.

Today from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. IG Metall NRW is calling on employees to participate in a “warning strike 24” with a live stream.

Warning strikes nationwide – expansion at Volkswagen

There were further warning strikes in Baden-Wuerttemberg, where 3,400 employees stopped working in the last two days. There were campaigns at Fondium in Singen and Huber Packaging in Öhringen, among others. Around 350 metal workers from the Belden and Hirschmann companies met in Neckartenzlingen for a car rally on the company car park. At Liebherr Hausgeräte Ochsenhausen, 1200 employees responded to the call for early closing.

2000 were there in Bavaria. During the largest warning strike on Tuesday, over 1,400 BSH Hausgeräte and Same Deutz Fahr employees dropped the hammer in the Dillingen area.

In the Mitte district, 3,000 employees stopped working on Monday and Tuesday. There were warning strike rallies at Pallmann Maschinenfabrik in Zweibrücken and Magna in Obertshausen, among others.

2000 were in the district of Lower Saxony-Saxony Anhalt on a warning strike. There, IG Metall is expanding the warning strikes after the disappointing mini offer from the employers’ side at Volkswagen.

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Warning strikes work wobbles


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