Weather in Germany: snow shock at Easter? A sharp turnaround is forecast


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The weather at Easter remains exciting. Many hope for warmth, but in Germany it is even possible to hunt for eggs in the snow.

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Update from Friday, March 26th, 2021, 9:54 a.m .: The weather continues to ride a roller coaster in spring. Sometimes it’s cold in Germany, then the temperatures climb up before they drop sharply again. The hope for nice weather at Easter is great. So far it hasn’t looked too bad. But now another violent turn in the weather is looming. Will the Easter eggs be looked for in the snow in 2021?

How the weather will be at Easter cannot yet be said with certainty, but the trend for Germany is sobering. A noticeable cooling from Maundy Thursday is indicated. The values ​​could even drop by 10 to 15 degrees, as graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met explains to “”. And that wasn’t even all.

Is there another cold shock looming at Easter 2021? Meteorologists with first forecasts (symbol image)

© Matthias Bein / dpa

Weather at Easter: Turning point is in sight – the onset of winter in Germany threatens

In the middle and north of Germany the weather should be really wintry again. According to Jung, “even snowflakes on Easter days” are possible there. According to current forecasts, it could turn white again, especially at higher altitudes from 300 to 400 meters. The Easter egg hunt in the snow is therefore quite possible in some regions. “That means: no warm Easter weekend,” summarizes Jung. The 20 degrees are a long way off. Instead, there are signs of rain, sleet and sleet. “In the night from Easter Sunday to Easter Monday there is even frost everywhere,” says meteorologist Jung.

How will the weather be at Easter in Germany? Forecasts are exciting

Update from Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021, 10:41 a.m .: Because of the corona pandemic, Easter 2021 run differently than usual. At least that can Weather play along, many people will think. Will the Easter walks work and can children look for their Easter eggs in the dry? What on Germany is looking pretty good so far.

The hope of full sun and mild temperatures Easter is big. High Margarethe could for beautiful Weather worry on the holidays. “A first look towards Easter reveals: It doesn’t look bad,” says graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the Q.met weather service to “”. In Germany the maximum values ​​should be in the double-digit range. Around 10 to 15 degrees are expected. And the sun can also be seen. It doesn’t look like rain, however. “You hardly need an umbrella over the Easter holidays,” says the meteorologist. But it could not get warm in all regions of the country.

How will the weather be at Easter? First forecasts give hope for warmth. (Symbol image)

© Eibner Pressefoto / Daniel Lakomski / Imago

Weather at Easter: Two air masses over Germany – in these regions it will be warm

Because on Easter are two air masses directly above each other Germany across from. Cold polar air could then flow into the northeast, while warm Mediterranean air holds back in the southwest. The Weather So on the holidays it will probably be better in the southwest than in the northeast, according to the trend. However, the sun is supposed to get the whole country down.

Easter trend (day) Forecast weather in Germany
Maundy Thursday 12 to 21 degrees, mix of sun and clouds
Good Friday 14 to 20 degrees, mostly friendly, clouds here and there, showers are rare
Holy Saturday 11 to 18 degrees, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds, often dry
Easter Sunday 9 to 16 degrees, mostly friendly, colder in the northeast than in the southwest
Easter Monday 10 to 18 degrees, lots of sun in the south-west, quite warm, in the north-east it is much colder

Weather in Germany: Frost hammer or T-shirt weather at Easter? Experts make forecasts

Update from Thursday, March 18, 2021: Children have to put the eggs on Easter im snow looking for or holding that Weather in Germany a heat wave ready? Many people hope that they can look forward to not only the holidays but also to the Easter weekend spring-like temperatures may look forward to. But two meteorologists are far from agreed on their forecasts.

When it comes to meteorologist Jan Schenk, it’s on Easter t-shirt weather hip, trendy, popular. “Temperatures rise again at Easter. Maybe even in the direction of 15 or 20 degrees Celsius, ”the meteorologist explains to“ The Weather Channel ”. Because: A change of weather is imminent. A new low pressure area from the Atlantic is said to be warm air Germany bring and a “real Heat engine“Jump on, so Schenk. But who is now on a Easter breakfast Happy outdoors with the family, you might be disappointed. Because some forecasts expect rain on the holidays.

Two lambs warm each other. The weather at Easter in Germany could be frosty (symbol picture).

© Owen Humphreys/dpa

Weather in Germany: “White” Easter possible – meteorologist with a clear announcement

The graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung sees it differently. Opposite “” he presented his forecast for the Weather at Easter. He also predicts that temperatures will rise in the next few weeks, but: “How long will the warmth be maintained? We’ll have to wait and see. Whether it is also in the Kar- und Easter week so warm is still by no means certain today. Also the forecast a ‘White Easter’ is still possible. ” Easter egg hunt in the snow with a winter jacket or an Easter breakfast in a T-shirt? The forecasts make it exciting.

Weather in Germany: Will the frost shock come at Easter?

First registration from Wednesday, February 24th, 2021: Offenbach – The turbulent rocking winter has Germany pretty added. The Weather was marked by extremes in January and February. After a lot of rain and the risk of flooding in some regions of the country, the Siberian cold followed with thick blankets of snow. The longing for spring-like temperatures is therefore great. There was a first foretaste at the end of February. Especially facing Easter 2021 many people hope for sun and t-shirt weather. But how likely is that for this year?

A look at the past few years shows that Weather an Easter pretty much anything can be in it. The memories of 2000 should be particularly beautiful. At that time, Easter was quite late, and an intensive supply of warm air also ensured summer temperatures in Germany. In Berlin-Zahlendorf 30.5 degrees Celsius * were reached, as the weather channel ““Reported. In 2011 and 2019 it was summery and warm. But that’s not always the case with the weather at Easter.

year Average temperature in April
2020 10.5 Degrees Celsius
2019 9.6 Degrees Celsius
2018 12.4 Degrees Celsius
2017 7.5 Degrees Celsius
Those: DWD

Weather in Germany: Is there a risk of a cold shock at Easter 2021?

The other extreme was shown in 2008: People in Germany celebrated Easter in permafrost and freezing temperatures, and some of the egg hunt took place in the snow. There was a late onset of winter again in 2013. Especially in the east and northeast of Germany there were several centimeters of snow, in the remaining regions there was wet and cold weather. In April 2020, the average temperature was according to the German Weather Service (DWD) * based in Offenbach at 10.5 degrees Celsius and thus 3.1 degrees above the long-term average. It will be the same with Weather look like at Easter 2021?

Of the Easter Sunday is on April 4th 2021, so quite early on the second Spring month. The date is at Weather not exactly unimportant. Because the position of the sun changes. So it makes a big difference whether Easter is the end of March or the end of April. Influence on that Weather in Germany but also has the polar vortex. He could cause a late onset of winter again. So far, meteorologists have assumed that the frost shock is most likely in the weather in March. Could it be for Easter 2021 so with Sun and warmth Valves?

Easter 2021: What will the weather be like in Germany? – Review

A first rough trend is at Weather at Easter to rather average Temperatures in Germany. “Maybe even a little hypothermic”, says graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather channel “”. The American weather model CFS forecast for Easter Sunday between four and eight degrees. So rather wet and cold Weather, instead of summery heat. However, a lot can still change there. Because the calculations are updated continuously.

Other weather computers tend to Weather at Easter 2021 rather to High pressure influence with pleasant temperatures around 20 degrees, like ““Reported. So there is still hope for one Spring high at Easter. It remains to be seen whether the 20-degree mark will be cracked in Germany. At least winter seems to be on time April To have passed completely. But meteorologists are also concerned with the question of precipitation in spring 2021.

Weather at Easter in Germany: drought threatens in spring – meteorologists worried

A lot of rain * would be good for nature and agriculture. However, this is initially not recognizable until March 4th. Usually high air pressure dominates Weather in Germany. Something only happens occasionally Regen, says weather expert Dominik Jung. “The long-term weather models again assume a spring * that is clearly too dry”. (svw / slo)* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

List of rubric lists: © Federico Gambarini / dpa

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