Weekend: Four free games on Epic and Steam


This weekend, four free games are available on Steam and Epic to try out and keep.

If you would like to try out new games at the weekend without obligation, you can do so on Steam and in the Epic Games Store. The two games “Wargame: Red Dragon” and “Black Desert Online” are designed as a gift without any obligations. The real-time strategy game “Wargame: Red Dragon” can be downloaded for free from the Epic Games Store and played as a lone fighter or with up to 20 opponents in multiplayer. The battles are correspondingly large, with up to 1,450 units available. On Steam, however, there is the MMO “Black Desert” as a gift. If you like role-playing games, you should definitely take a look here. The extensive character editor alone can keep you busy for hours.

On the other hand, two more games can only be tested for this weekend: The racing game “Dirt 5” is waiting on Steam until March 8th. The racing game, which is designed for exciting races with other participants, can be tried out to the full. The purchase price of 27.49 euros, which has been reduced by 50 percent, is intended to encourage interested buyers to buy after playing. The basketball game “NBA 2K21” can also be tried out on Steam without obligation until March 8th. Many fans are enthusiastic about the impressive graphics and accurate implementation of the sport. However, there are numerous microtransactions lurking for ambitious players who promise advantages for additional payments. Here, too, a discount of 67 percent and thus a purchase price of 19.79 euros attracts interested players who can do something with this sport. But this is exactly what can be found out easily with the free versions.

Wargame: Red Dragon free download

Black Desert Online free download

Try Dirt 5 for free

Try NBA 2K21 for free

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Weekend free games Epic Steam


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