WEF: Germany falls further behind in terms of equality


COLOGNY (dpa-AFX) – According to an analysis, the Corona year 2020 has thrown back the equality of women by decades. Germany fell one place in an international equality index and is now 11th out of 156 countries, as reported by the World Economic Forum (WEF) foundation in Cologny near Geneva. In 2006, Germany was still in 5th place.

As early as 2019, the WEF expected that if the trends remained the same, it would take 95 years for equality. After the devastating developments of the corona year it is now 135.6 years. Women continue to be confronted with hurdles in economic life and political participation. For many, it remains a challenge to stay with a family in professional life.

The pandemic hit women especially because they were above average in industries that were affected by restrictions, according to the WEF. In addition, the household as well as child or senior care remained disproportionately attached to women. That is why more investments are needed in the care sector. Politicians must ensure that men and women can equally take on care tasks. There should be more training for women in the middle of their careers and guidelines that prevent discrimination in employment and promotion.

Germany comes off particularly badly in the indicator for equal pay for comparable work: 97th place out of 156 countries. The gap here is 38.6 percent. The average income of women in Germany is around 30.2 percent lower than that of men. The situation is worse in France (39 percent), Denmark (38 percent) and the USA (35 percent). Sweden ranks best among the highly developed countries, but also with an income gap of 18 percent.

According to the report, the greatest equality is achieved by Iceland, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Namibia and Rwanda. Lithuania made a giant leap: from 25th to 8th place. Ireland and Switzerland are ahead of Germany in 11th place./oe/DP/jha

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WEF Germany falls terms equality


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