Werder Bremen transfers: Kyu-hyun Park should stay! Pull option to buy?


In a “training group 2” at Werder Bremen, talented professionals can recommend themselves. A young player took his chance: The loaned Kyu-hyun Park convinces coach Florian Kohfeldt – and should best be committed.

Bremen – It was now more than seven years ago, but the history of the football industry has certainly not been forgotten, because back then, in the summer of 2013, it simply caused far too much attention. Markus Gisdol, trainer at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim at the time, had a handful of unpopular professionals – including them Werders Bremen Ex-goalkeeper Tim Wiese – unceremoniously got rid of them by moving them to the now notorious “Training group 2” banished. A sideline from which there was no turning back, the career suddenly found itself in a dead end. After severe criticism, Gisdol dissolved his class of those who had been sorted out in September. Recently, in the winter of 2021, the monster word “training group 2” celebrated its return largely unnoticed – in Bremen and under completely different circumstances.

Werder had coaches during the winter break Florian Kohfeldt and Thomas Schaaf, the technical director of the Bundesliga team, decided after a lengthy discussion to set up a second training group that should train under the same conditions as the professional team does. The big difference to Gisdol back then: Bei Werder Bremen “Training group 2” should explicitly be an elevator upstairs, in it the most auspicious talents recommend for the professional squad because they can’t do it because of the season break in the regional league with the U23s.

Werder Bremen: Trainer Florian Kohfeldt raves about the talent Kyu-hyun Park and wants to sign him

“The group includes guys who are candidates to take the next step at some point. The fact that they don’t have any games is a big problem, but that way we can assess where they are, ”explains Kohfeldt, who sometimes heads the units himself, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but his assistant coach is in charge Danijel Zenkovic leaves. So far, thanks to good performances in “Training Group 2”, three players have already managed to gain a permanent place in professional training: the central defender Julian Rieckmann, Striker Eren Dinkci – and recently also full-backs Kyu-hyun Park. After the professional unit on Thursday, Kohfeldt was really enthusiastic about the South Korean, who has only been in Germany for 20 months.

“He is a very open-minded, intelligent boy and he already speaks perfect German,” said Kohfeldt, who is also very enthusiastic about the 19-year-old when it comes to sport: “He has incredible athleticism and sprints a lot. In addition, there is his good ball handling. There are no technical errors with him. ”But of course Park still has room for improvement, for example with crosses or counter-protection. Topics on which Kohfeldt would like to continue working with the South Korean, which is why he emphasized: “We can very, very well imagine a future with him.”

Werder Bremen: “Training group 2” is worthwhile as an opportunity for talents like Kyu-hyun Park and Co.

The junior international has been on loan from the South Korean first division club Ulsan Hyundai Football Club since the summer of 2019, a deal that will end in the summer. Werder Bremen should have a purchase option in the amount of 530,000 euros – and should also want to pull it. “If he should stay, which I assume for now, then the decisive question will be whether he already has a back-up role in the Bundesliga like Felix Agu now, or whether it makes sense to give him game practice somewhere else, ”Kohfeldt looked ahead. In general, the 38-year-old should already feel confirmed that “Training group 2” to have launched.

Without them, Rieckmann, Dinkci and now would have Kyu-hyun Park in the middle of the pandemic probably not docked “above” so quickly. If it goes to Kohfeldt, others are welcome Talents consequences. In Abdenego Nankishi, Kebba Badjie, Jascha Brandt, Oscar Schönfelder and Yannik Engelhardt, other talents toil for a chance with the professionals in “Training Group 2” – by the way, alongside the original Bremen-born Philipp Bargfrede, whom the units help physically, which should also support the much younger colleagues with his experience. After all, the 32-year-old can sing a song or two about how the professionals work. (dco)

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