What happens if you decline a corona vaccination offer?


After thrombosis, vaccinations with Astrazeneca were initially suspended in Germany as well. Now the uncertainty is increasing: Do you have to queue up after a vaccination offer has been canceled if you want to be vaccinated at some point?

The federal government is sticking to its promise that all adults in Germany should be offered a corona vaccination by the end of summer. But especially in the wake of the vaccination ban by Astrazeneca, many may think twice about whether they actually accept such a vaccination offer. But if you refuse, you should think twice beforehand:

Who is currently receiving a vaccination offer?

As there is currently not enough vaccine and vaccine capacities available in Germany, there is a fixed sequence of vaccinations. First of all, a vaccination offer is made to those who are particularly in need of protection. These include residents in care facilities, people over the age of 80 and people in care and health professions. This is followed by people over the age of 70 or people with certain serious pre-existing conditions, as well as teachers and educators.

Can I choose the vaccine?

Many people are now particularly unsettled about Astrazeneca and would like to be able to choose which vaccine they will be vaccinated with when the vaccinations are restarted.

However, among other things, the federal government explains: “There is no free choice. Due to the shortage of vaccines, the right to vaccination against the coronavirus still does not include the right to choose the vaccine from a specific manufacturer.”

What happens if I decline the vaccination offer?

Suppose you receive a vaccination offer and would like to be vaccinated, but explicitly not with the vaccine offered to you: In this case you can of course decline the vaccination offer, in Germany there is none Compulsory vaccination.

A spokeswoman for the Bavarian Ministry of Health recently told the “Passauer Neue Presse”: If a vaccine is rejected, a person who wants to be vaccinated will of course not fall out of the system of those to be vaccinated in a region. “He or she will then have to reckon with further waiting times.” If in doubt, it can take until there is enough vaccine to have everyone vaccinated without a strict vaccination sequence. Since everyone should initially receive a vaccination offer by the end of summer, it may be that there is only a free choice of vaccines, so to speak, in autumn or winter.

Can I postpone my vaccination appointment to a later date?

For example, the State of Berlin informs you that you can also get vaccinated later if you are currently unsure but are generally not opposed to a vaccination. “In all likelihood, the vaccination will then be carried out by the family doctor in regular operation. Please also note the currently applicable regulations and information,” the city informed.

There are also exceptional cases such as an illness. In the case of acute infections, for example, no vaccination is possible. However, you should always have this clarified individually.

Can I skip the second vaccination after the first vaccination?

According to the federal government, it is not yet clear what will happen to those who have only received an initial vaccination with Astrazeneca. “However, even with a first vaccination you are well protected against a severe course of an infection,” they say, so there is no risk of omitting the second vaccination. If Astrazeneca is vaccinated again, however, the second vaccination should “definitely” be made up for. “It strengthens the protection many times over.”

Even if you have already received a first vaccination and have had severe side effects, it is possible that, in consultation with your doctor, the second vaccination is deliberately suspended, regardless of the vaccine.

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