“What is actually happening here?”: Ramelow gives the saddest interview of the year


On the second day after the Corona summit, many Prime Ministers are still deeply frustrated. This is apparently especially true for Bodo Ramelow: Thuringia’s head of government paints himself the image of an unsuspecting and isolated politician.
It is possible that Bodo Ramelow, unlike the experienced early riser Dunja Hayali, is not yet fully awake. When Thuringia’s Prime Minister switched on the presenter of the “Morgenmagazin” on ZDF shortly after 8 a.m. on Wednesday morning, he did not seem at least at eye level with Hayali, who had been on the air for two and a half hours, and Ramelow asked a number of critical questions about the federal-state conference represents. When it comes to the still unclear rest day regulation for Maundy Thursday, it breaks out from the left politician: “Until 11:45 p.m. I didn’t even know where the Chancellor is and where some of the Prime Ministers stayed”, draws Ramelow gives a very sad picture of his role in the Prime Minister’s Conference. “I sat in front of the screen for six hours and waited for the quarter of an hour break that was requested to end and you would be told what was actually going on.”

Ramelow goes as far as possible from the decisions made. “At 11:45 pm I heard about the Maundy Thursday proposal for the first time and then the federal government announced that it would clarify this by now.” Ramelow expressed doubts about the legally certain feasibility: “I am in favor of ordering the Easter rest now, but then it has to be flawless. And if there are errors, then in case of doubt there must also be claims for damages and then the federal government must be responsible.” Tenor: They advised without me, then they should implement it without me.

Nobody informs Ramelow

Ramelow later repeated the accusation that he had been largely excluded from the deliberations: “I spent six hours looking at a screen and wondering what was actually going on here.” Ramelow accuses the Federal Chancellery that this was not the first time: “I can also say that in the last twelve months, one day or a few hours before the conference, I was able to see what was planned in the Chancellery in a certain medium And then I was then able to answer journalists’ questions, “Ramelow complains.

“This time I didn’t know anything, but the medium didn’t know anything either. It’s a strange way of communicating.” So no one informed Ramelow in advance and it doesn’t sound as if he himself asked Berlin or the state chancelleries of other countries about possible scenarios.

Ramelow gives a very bad image after falling on the nose with his gambling confession: The Prime Minister’s Conference on the Corona crisis is a body that passes the small federal state of Thuringia; with a prime minister who sits idly in front of a conference screen for six hours instead of trying to shape what is happening or at least learn something. Especially since many media, such as ntv.de, reported relatively detailed about what was happening in the background. So Ramelow could at least have followed the messages on his cell phone, provided the screen wasn’t otherwise blocked.

“A cartoon of politics”

The image of a Prime Minister who only participates passively does not match the seriousness of the situation in Thuringia, which Ramelow himself speaks of: “When I look at the situation in Thuringia: We are currently seeing a massive increase in occupancy in the intensive care areas of our hospitals and there are always more young people coming to the hospitals now. ” The transmission routes are still unclear: “The diffuse events are something that in several counties in us means that we have long since exceeded the 300 and 400 incidence.”

The parliamentary managing director of the SPD parliamentary group, Carsten Schneider from Erfurt, said, “that the measures are not accepted by large parts of the population, especially in rural areas, that has something to do with Mr. Ramelow’s back and forth”. In the past, he had presented corona measures as exaggerated and in January switched to the Merkel line. “This is more of a cartoon of politics than decisive action,” said Schneider.

Ramelow himself, on the other hand, is more likely to suspect children and adolescents as drivers of infection: In Greiz, which is particularly affected, with an incidence of over 600, every third corona test is positive. “Half of all those tested are under 18. That means the young people are those who carry the virus. But they do not become symptomatic,” explains the leftist politician. “That means that they do not attract attention because of illnesses, but that they carry this virus on in a highly mobile manner.” It is therefore important to “interrupt the virus transmission”. When the federal and state governments discussed appropriate measures, Bodo Ramelow stared alone at a screen.

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