What you can soon do directly in Messenger


Every now and then new functions are introduced for WhatsApp that are more or less useful. Now, however, a feature has been activated for selected users that actually has great added value – at least if it works the way you imagine it.

WhatsApp gets in-app support

If you have a problem with WhatsApp, you will hardly find a way to simply contact support. The company is now tackling precisely this difficulty. While more and more companies are becoming more aloof and trying to make contact with support as difficult as possible, WhatsApp is taking a different route. First Beta users can contact support directly in the appwhen problems arise.

In the future, you will simply be able to describe your problem directly in WhatsApp and you can then also send the specifications of the cell phone directly if you want. So WhatsApp can determine exactly where the difficulties are and with the Communicate with the user in a chat. This is encrypted and therefore secure. After the problem has been resolved, the chat should also be closed. Basically like a normal bug ticket system. Here only with direct contact. At over two billion active users WhatsApp could also be flooded with inquiries, especially when it comes to a global problem. So it will be exciting to see if the system works like that.

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WhatsApp can soon be used on multiple devices at the same time

While WhatsApp is working to improve support, the range of functions is also being expanded elsewhere. Soon it should be possible use one account on four devices at the same time. That will be an important milestone, because the Messenger was never designed for that. So if you want to use WhatsApp on your mobile phone and tablet with the same number, that should be possible soon. So exciting things await us.

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