What you should know before vaccination: The most important information


Are there more frequent vaccine reactions with the Astra Zeneca vaccine? According to BASG, there have so far been almost 48 reports per 1,000 vaccinations at Astra Zeneca, 9.2 at Moderna and 5.6 per 1000 doses at Biontech / Pfizer. From the studies we also know that with Astra Zeneca more reactions occur after the first dose, but hardly with the second. With mRNA vaccines it is exactly the opposite. In addition: “So far, this vaccine (Astra Zeneca note) has mainly been given to younger people who, according to studies, usually have stronger vaccination reactions,” explains the BASG the data situation. Incidentally, people up to 50 years of age are also considered “young” in this context.

Regardless of age: when can reactions be more violent? “People who have gone through an infection already have a pre-trained immune system that is activated by the vaccination and means that they are more likely to feel the effects,” says virologist Lukas Weseslindtner, MedUni Vienna. It is important to distinguish between vaccine reactions and – very rarely reported – side effects. The former can be expected and will disappear within a few days. Side effects, on the other hand, are harmful and unintended consequences according to the BASG. However, it must be clarified in each individual case whether the symptoms are related to the vaccination at all.

Can I be vaccinated if I have an allergy? Yes, emphasizes Schmitzberger. “Normal” allergy sufferers, such as house dust or pollen, as well as people with food intolerances usually don’t have to worry at all. Allergic reactions are checked very carefully during vaccinations. “Caution is advised in the case of proven incompatibilities to ingredients. “In the event of an unexpected allergic reaction, you should stay in the ordination for about half an hour after the vaccination.” Such allergic reactions are very rare. In Austria there have so far been 34 reported cases – of almost 700,000 vaccinations – of an allergic reaction close to the vaccination.

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