WhatsApp: Dangerous virus spread by friends and acquaintances


Anyone who has the Messenger Whatsapp installed on their mobile phone currently has to be careful of a virus. Users can protect themselves with a few tips.

  • Malware threatens smartphones and sometimes uses them Whatsapp*: The virus gains access via an app.
  • Even a wrong one Google Play Store is used to attract the users of Whattsapp and Co. to deceive.
  • Experts | strongly warn against the Virus and explain how to best protect your cell phone against malware.

Kassel – Ob Viruses, Worms or trojans. Malware can also reach cell phones via messenger services such as Whattsapp Cause problems. Experts are currently warning of a very specific malware scam.

The perfidious thing about the new strategy: The Malware often comes from the circle of one’s own acquaintances without them noticing. The malware gets over Whatsapp spreads and hides behind a fake one App and one Contest.

Fake app on Whattsapp: Experts warn of fraud

Via the messenger Whatsapp are currently users through a Link to download a App asked. The link is advertised with a deceptive competition. The main prize should be a smartphone. The link takes you to the page of one fake google playstore directed. Just like the real Google Playstore website, this is too Contest forged.

“The malware spreads via the victim’s Whatsapp and automatically replies to every incoming message with a link to a fake and malicious Huawei mobile app. During installation, it asks for a number of permissions, including access to notifications. This allows the malware to respond to every message with a customized response. “

– Lukas Stefanko, ESET malware researcher

The link to the malware spreads automatically by sending it directly as a response to every incoming message on Whatsapp. As a result, the link often comes from trusted people. They usually only notice this when they open the respective chat.

Whatsapp: Experts warn against fake apps

The warning comes from the security experts at ESET. According to the experts, the Malware currently for Adware and subscription fraud.

Whatsapp users have to be careful: a fake competition and a fake app are in circulation – experts warn. (Symbol image)

© Sina Schuldt / dpa

However, it is conceivable that in a next step over the fake App also banking Trojans, spyware or ransomware via the Whatsapp-Mesh is spread. These are far more dangerous.

  • Tips from the ESET security experts:
  • Be up to date: Check regularly for updates to apps and operating system. The automatic update function ensures that no more updates are missed.
  • Check the links: Links received via Whatsapp or similar apps should always be read critically. If it looks dubious, it is best not to click on the link.
  • Security app: A security app should now be installed on every smartphone. Care should be taken to ensure that it protects against phishing and malicious apps.

Fake app on Whatsapp – what is meant by malware

Various types of malware are summarized under the umbrella term malware. Also in the case of the current one Whatsapp-Mesh used ad goods are included.

Installing ad ware will result in advertising banners being displayed. This means that the ad goods are still one of the “more harmless” variants of Malware.

Malware and virus via Whatsapp on the cell phone: these are the differences

In common parlance, instead of Malware often spoken of viruses. What are the differences between the two terms? Malware is just an umbrella term.

  • Other malware variants:
  • – Spyware (spies on users)
  • – Tojaner (hidden applications – often open a back door in the respective system)
  • – worms (copies itself again and again – goal: use of maximum storage capacity)
  • – Macro virus (infects individual files)

On Software-Virus has the special property of being able to change and / or damage files. Other types of malware, such as worms, cannot. Messenger will introduce new data protection guidelines on May 15th, but which Whatsapp users will then face an account blocking? (Lucas Maier) * hna.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

List of rubric lists: © Sina Schuldt / dpa

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WhatsApp Dangerous virus spread friends acquaintances


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