Where people get infected with the coronavirus


Sometimes half of the cases are unclear

Where are the sources of infection in the region? This question is not that easy to answer. However, a tendency can be seen from the feedback from the health authorities.

The health authorities in the region increasingly identify day care centers as a source of infection.

Photo: Sina Schuldt picture alliance / dpa

They wear masks in the supermarket, keep their distance, but when they meet a friend in front of the market, the masks fall. The Germersheim health department has taken a very close look at where people are infected. The short conversation without a mask and without a distance in front of the supermarket could be enough for an infection, said District Administrator Fritz Brechtel. In addition, there are “numerous indications that infections have occurred in front of or in fast food or at delivery services”. And just in front of and in the supermarkets.

Seldom does a health department analyze the sources of infection so precisely. The fact is: Often it is not possible to say exactly where a person was infected. And the authorities are often on the verge of resilience in dealing with the crisis. In Germersheim, the experts set to follow up precisely because of the rising incidence values ​​at the time. In the region, too, the health authorities are trying to determine the sources of infection. As good as possible.

The tracking of contacts is one of the biggest problems, according to the Rastatt health department. Only half of all infected people can therefore provide information about the possible source of infection. The authorities and the city emphasize again and again that the generally lax handling of the hygiene rules has fueled the infection.

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