Which helps against crashing Android apps


An update for the faulty Webview component brings stumbling androids back into balance.

Apps are actually always very stable. Recently, however, things looked different with Android phones. There were frequent application crashes for unknown reasons. Now Google has fixed the error.

To fix problems with crashing apps, Google has released an update for an important system component of the Android operating system. This is an update to Webview that enables Android apps to display web content.

There were problems not only with third-party apps, but also, according to Google, with the Gmail application for Android smartphones and tablets.

Visit the Play Store

Since Webview is based on the Chrome browser, Google has also released an update for Chrome in which the bug has been fixed. To check whether the latest version of Webview and Chrome is already installed on the smartphone or tablet, it is best to take a quick look at the Play Store.

Simply tap on the symbol with the three horizontal lines in the top left corner. Then select “My apps and games / Installed” and, if necessary, tap the “Update” box in the list behind the entries for Webview and Chrome.

Auto updates make sense

The best thing to do is to update automatic app updates if you haven’t already. To do this, select “Settings / Automatic app updates” in the three-line menu and then simply specify whether the auto updates should only run via WLAN or whether they can also be downloaded via mobile data.

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helps crashing Android apps


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