White Easter? Extreme weather on public holidays in Germany – including snow


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What will the weather be like at Easter? Extreme, according to one prediction. Because: Warm summer temperatures and snow at night probably alternate.

Munich – The sun comes out. It becomes more pleasant outside. No doubt: the milder weather in Germany is a ray of hope for many in the coronavirus pandemic. Figuratively speaking. And at least temporarily.

The question remains: How warm does it actually get on Easter, between Maundy Thursday, April 1st, and Good Friday, April 5th? Sunny for hours? Or do precipitation and rain spark in between? Not only. Because: According to a current forecast (March 26th), snow can even fall again in certain areas (and manageable).

Weather in Germany at Easter: From 22 degrees to occasional snow at night, everything is included

Again Weather Channel reported the weather will be extreme at Easter. So it should be warm on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, sometimes summery, with up to 22 degrees. In the course of Good Friday, however, there should be occasional rainfalls. According to the forecast, it will rain more and more on Easter Saturday – and stay very cold at night. Therefore, it could snow again over 400 meters in the south of the Federal Republic, i.e. in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Can, doesn’t have to.

Towards the end of Easter it will definitely cool down significantly in the coming week after mild spring weather. The reason for the violent weather change: The jet stream, the strong winds, get loud Weather Channel blocked by a high near Greenland. That is why cold air can work its way to Germany.

Weather in Germany: After Easter it should be really warm again

But that was not it with extreme weather changes within a short time. Specifically: According to the report, a so-called warm air bubble is making its way north from the Mediterranean around Easter. The result: at best, warm temperatures again right after Easter in Germany.

So spring takes hold at the end of March and beginning of April. At least the weather offers brightening moments in an otherwise quite difficult time in the Corona crisis. (pm)

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White Easter Extreme weather public holidays Germany including snow


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