WHO sees “high risk” of Ebola spreading from Guinea to neighbors


Geneva (Reuters) – The World Health Organization warns of the spread of the Ebola outbreak in Guinea to neighboring countries.

The risk for this is “very high,” said the representative of the West African state at the WHO, Georges Alfred Ki-Zerbo, in a virtual event on Friday. So far, 18 cases have been confirmed in Guinea and four people have died. 1604 people have so far been vaccinated after the latest outbreak of the dangerous infectious disease. Some of the neighboring countries are not prepared for vaccination campaigns against the virus, which can cause high fever and bleeding, among other things.

In the middle of the corona pandemic, Guinea confirmed the first Ebola cases in around five years in February. In the world’s worst outbreak to date, from 2013 to 2016, at least 11,300 people died in West Africa, most of them in Guinea and the neighboring countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone. New Ebola cases were also recently reported from the Democratic Republic of the Congo after the Central African state declared a major outbreak in the eastern part of the country to be over after almost two years and more than 2,200 deaths in June.

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sees high risk Ebola spreading Guinea neighbors


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