Why is Thomas Anders being ignored?


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The “The Masked Singer” fans feel like they’re being fooled. Although there are some indications that Thomas Anders is under the turtle costume, this is ignored by the permanent advice team members Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey. Why? The fans have a suspicion – and it doesn’t throw a good light on the jury and ProSieben.

In the second “The Masked Singer” episode, the unicorn had to take off his mask – underneath was Franziska van Almsick, who took note of her departure in a sympathetic and unexcited manner and teased that she actually only sings without a mask when she has drunk or is just in the shower. A nice ending to an episode whose real excitement was completely different.

The fact that parts of the “The Masked Singer” community feel that they are being misled is due to another candidate: the turtle. Or should we say to Thomas Anders? There is a lot to suggest that Dieter Bohlen’s former Modern Talking partner is under the costume.


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While the Twitter-Community is already 100 percent sure about this, Anders is in the ProSieben app’s voting with the turtle, with almost 90 percent, miles ahead by miles. Only: Moschner and Garvey do not want to know anything about it.

Ruth Moschner is only too happy to maintain her reputation as a rate queen: she acquires her phone book, scours through Instagram pages and otherwise – at least that’s what the viewer suggests – every stone is turned around to find the celeb under the mask come. A look into the ProSieben app is apparently not one of them.

>> The Masked Singer: Ruth Moschner is annoying, Carolin Kebekus is enthusiastic << Rea Garvey, the second permanent part in the guessing team, likes to present himself as ambitious when guessing the celebrities. It is therefore all the more surprising that the name Thomas Anders has never been mentioned in the first two shows. Instead names like Reinhold Beckmann, Florian Silbereisen or Jan-Josef Liefers were mentioned. Smudo, council guest in episode 2, threw Steffen Henssler into the ring. Absurd! The fans have a suspicion: the name Thomas Anders is deliberately not mentioned. Twitter user @denniserdoodel writes: “I find it relatively pointless that there is even a guess panel if ProSieben wants to make guessing more difficult by preventing the three from saying meaningful names.”


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In fact, the station is in a bind here. The turtle is one of the best participants in terms of vocals and could make it a long way. That it is an open secret that Thomas Anders is under the mask really does not play into ProSieben’s cards. Of course, the makers want the puzzles to continue.

This inevitably leads to the assumption that voltage is being generated artificially here. Otherwise, how can you explain that Moschner and Garvey have ignored the name Thomas Anders so far?

So it was in episode 3, when councilor Steven Gätjen became a chatterbox and (finally!) Threw Anders into the ring. Moschner and Garvey, however, bet on Howard Carpendale and Jürgen Drews and still do not want to know anything about Anders.

>> “The Masked Singer”: Steven Gätjen breaks the silence, spectators celebrate him << ProSieben never tires of emphasizing that only a small circle of people knows which celebrities are hiding under the masks. An instruction from the advice team would, however, inaugurate this and reduce its actual purpose to absurdity. Or are Moschner and Co. only there to mislead the audience?

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