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Will the smartphone still be worth it in 2021?


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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is now two years old. The mobile phone is still very popular, not least because of falling prices. GIGA does the check and reveals whether the Samsung smartphone is still worthwhile and what alternatives there are.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 after two years: A closer look at the smartphone

Rising prices are making it more and more attractive for many people to pick up flagship smartphones from the last year or the year before last. Compared to a current top model, this saves several hundred euros. One of the popular smartphones from this category is still the Galaxy S10, however Is the two-year-old Samsung smartphone still worth it in 2021? GIGA does the check and looks at the whole 5 properties:

  • Design: There is no doubt that the Galaxy S10 still looks really nice with its glass case, which is surrounded by a metal frame. The Samsung cell phone is of high quality anyway. There is nothing to complain about here.
  • power: Can the Samsung Galaxy S10 still keep up technically? The built-in Exynos 9820 processor and 8 GB of RAM will still be sufficient in 2021 to ensure a brisk working speed and also to play complex 3D games. That shouldn’t change in the next one to two years either.
  • Camera: Compared to a current top smartphone, buyers have to make the biggest compromises here. At the start, the Galaxy S10 received 5 out of 5 possible points in the GIGA camera test. However, time does not stand still and newer devices mainly offer a better night mode. But if you hardly take photos at night anyway and only upload most photos to Instagram, you should still be satisfied with the camera capabilities of the S10.
  • Software: The Galaxy S10 was launched with Android 9, and an update to Android 11 and the One 3.1 is now available. This means that Samsung keeps the smartphone up to date. Thanks to the update guarantee, the Galaxy S10 should also have at least Android 12.
  • battery pack: A tiresome topic with the Galaxy S10. In the test of the Galaxy S10, the battery life was not really convincing and the nominal capacity of 3,400 mAh is anything but ample. Buyers should be prepared to have to charge the smartphone every evening – and, depending on the type of use, maybe just plug it into the socket at lunchtime.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 in the video:

Samsung Galaxy S10: Current Price and Alternatives

It currently ranks Samsung Galaxy S10 according to Idealo price comparison at around 540 euros. For that price is the smartphone not recommended, potential buyers should prefer a Galaxy S20 FE, which costs around 30 euros more, but offers significantly better features. GIGA advises: More than 400 euros you should go for a Galaxy S10 don’t pay anymore. But if you already want to spend so much, maybe you should also do that Galaxy A52 from Samsung look at. It is already beginning at 350 euros and makes the S10 look really old in many ways.

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