Wind in Planica: Team ski flying canceled – clear criticism of the jury


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After a long wait, the jury decides to cancel the team competition in Planica. Previously, several trainers expressed clear criticism of the jury’s decisions.

The wind caused problems on the third day of the World Cup final in Planica, Slovenia. A total of 21 athletes from nine nations had left the bakken when the jury announced the decision that the coaches of several nations had longed for.

National coach Stefan Horngacher had already announced in advance that no further athletes would start in the prevailing wind conditions with strong crosswinds. Team manager Horst Hüttel: “We had a terrible fall here two days ago and today it’s an unpredictable situation.”

Norway’s head coach Alexander Stöckl had already announced that the jury would not allow any further athletes to start. “I’m confused about today’s performance of the jury,” said the Austrian.

New plan for Sunday

Race director Sandor Pertile and those responsible for the International Ski Federation (FIS) are checking whether the competition can be rescheduled on Sunday. The plan is to make up for the team competition in just one round before the originally planned individual competition from 9 a.m. The individual ski flying would then start according to plan at 10 a.m., but an official decision is still pending.

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Wind Planica Team ski flying canceled clear criticism jury


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