Windows 10 as a consultant – Microsoft is planning to adapt the system to special usage scenarios


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Apparently, Microsoft is currently planning another innovation for Windows 10, which would at least somewhat meet the long-expressed wishes of many users for a more customizable environment. A new area in the Settings app should make it possible to set up the system for specific usage scenarios. However, the whole thing doesn’t seem to have really big effects.

For many years now, many Microsoft users and experts have been calling for the Windows operating system to be made more modular. This would make it possible to only install the components of the system that are really needed. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will really decide to undertake such a major conversion of its workhorse at some point. But at least one in Redmond seems to be grappling with the fact that there are quite a number of different usage scenarios that Windows 10 can cover.

Usage categories with suggestions for tools and services

In current builds of the Insider version of Windows 10 (via Windows Latest), some users already have access to the new “Device Usage” page in the settings. There you can specify that Windows should set up a “personalized experience” based on different categories. This means usage scenarios such as “gaming”, “family”, “creativity”, “school work”, “entertainment” and “business”. Based on these categories, the operating system should then make suggestions for the tools and services required to the user.

If you select “Gaming”, for example, you should even be able to discover new titles thanks to Windows that you haven’t even known before. If you select “entertainment”, you will receive appropriate recommendations for streaming services and social platforms that have to do with the respective topic. However, it is still unclear to what extent Windows will make adjustments under the hood based on the selected usage scenario. The exact placement of the recommendations is also not yet known. It could be that most of the suggestions appear in the notification center on the side, but tooltips on the desktop or other implementations should not be ruled out at the moment.

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