Windows 10: Public prosecutors send subpoenas


In the past, anyone who wanted to get a bargain for a Windows 10 license could soon receive mail from the police.

Police summons for buyers of cheap license keys: Due to suspicion of criminal copyright infringement and frivolous money laundering, buyers of cheap license keys for Windows 10 are currently the focus of investigations by German authorities. If you want to purchase a legal license for the operating system, you have to pay 145 euros for a regular version and around 260 euros for the Pro version. These prices have led some users to buy a cheap but illegal license in the past. According to reports from (LINK: Windows 10 license keys: public prosecutors send summons (, some local police stations have already sent summons to buyers.

Old cases are also processed

This also affects purchases that were made years ago. If one receives such a summons one is not obliged to obey it, nevertheless one should take it seriously. As reports, it is both possible that proceedings in this regard could be discontinued, but house searches have already occurred in other cases.

Opinions differ

Opinions regarding the merits of these subpoenas differ in particular between public prosecutors and lawyers. While prosecutors believe that buyers of a cheap license should be able to identify the counterfeit by price, lawyers argue that a customer cannot be required to expose it.

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Windows Public prosecutors send subpoenas


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