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A hacker discovered what is known as an Easter egg in the Windows 95 operating system. The function was hidden for 25 years.

A Windows hacker found a hidden feature in the mail software of Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating system. More than 25 years after the software was released. This is a so-called Easter Egg.

Easter eggs can be hidden functions, messages or mini-games that are only displayed to users through certain actions. It is not uncommon for employees of a software project to hide such messages during development. That they remain undiscovered for so long is true.

Coincidentally found

“It is apparently never too late to discover Easter eggs. I found the following by chance,” explains the Windows hacker, who appears on Twitter under the pseudonym Albacore. If you activate the Easter Egg, a secret window with the animated names of the developers is displayed, writes the tech website

In order for the names to be displayed, you must first start Internet Mail, click on “Help” and then on “About”. There the listed file with the name comctl32.dll can be selected. Then you have to enter the term “MORTIMER” on the keyboard. VoilĂ .

Incidentally, Albacore also explains on Twitter how you discover something like this “by accident”. “I examined another Easter egg in Windows 95 with a friend. I looked for the names of the developers in the system and then discovered the function in Internet Mail,” writes the Win-Hacker.

In addition to the Albacore find, there are numerous well-known Easter eggs in popular programs. For example in the Chrome browser. The most popular one is the dinosaur game. This can be called up by typing chrome: // dino in the address line and pressing Enter. Then a mini-game starts in which you have to jump over obstacles with a dinosaur. Practical: the mini-game works even if you don’t have internet.

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Windows secret message remained undiscovered years multimedia


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