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SV Darmstadt 98 scored three extremely important points. In the victory in Paderborn everything was there that made the football heart beat faster – with a better end for the southern Hessians.

SV Darmstadt 98 won a spectacular second division game in Paderborn and achieved the longed-for three. At the end of a game with penalties, missed hits and five goals, it was 3: 2 (1: 1) for the 98ers on Friday. Serdar Dursun (20th FE / 75th) and Marvin Mehlem (69th) scored the goals for South Hesse, while Dennis Srbeny (24th FE) and Chris Führich (55th) scored for the hosts.

The lilies, who started defensively with a 4-4-2, offensively with a 4-2-3-1 and without Tobias Kempe, were clearly at the beginning of the uncertainty caused by the negative experiences of the past few weeks. SC Paderborn made the game, tied the guests in their half and had the first good chance in the 11th minute through Sebastian Vasiliadis.

Dursun and Srbeny meet from the point

The South Hessians urgently needed a stimulus and a motivational boost – and they got it. In the 14th minute, Dursun artistically slammed an overhead kick against the post. The lilies had finally arrived in East Westphalia. Just six minutes later, they were rewarded for the energy boost. Mathias Honsak was brought down in the penalty area and Dursun safely converted to a 1-0 lead (20th) with a penalty.

It was by no means, however, that the SCP was impressed by it. On the contrary: Just a few minutes later, Führich pranced through the penalty area of ​​the 98ers until Patrick Herrmann pulled him off his feet. Srbeny then scored just as confidently as Dursun from the point to 1: 1 (24th). Afterwards, the Paderborn team gave the direction again, but remained relatively harmless in front of the goal, which meant that the result went into the break.

Führich achieves the lead

The second section began much more evenly than the first had ended. The Darmstadters did more, but also made mistakes at the back. The first led directly to the residue. First Victor Palsson played a bad pass, then the insecure Patric Pfeiffer lost the ball against Srbeny and finally Führich scored with an admittedly beautiful shot from distance to make it 2-1 (55th).

The question was how the lilies would react to this setback. A header from Honsak (64th) showed: with anger in the stomach and absolute will. In the 66th minute it was almost so far: Tim Skarke scored after a nice combination to the supposed 2-2 equalizer. But since Fabian Holland had previously committed a foul, there was a free kick instead of kick-off.

Lilies fight back

It doesn’t matter, thought the people of southern Hesse: just keep going. Immediately after the check it went back to the Paderborn goal, this time it was Mehlem who scored – and now it was finally 2: 2 (69th). The lilies were now “on fire”. Only a minute later, the ball was back in the SCP’s net – but before that, Dursun was delicately offside (70th).

But that didn’t matter to the Darmstadters either. You stayed on the accelerator – and were rewarded. Dursun scored with a shot on Sunday to the fully deserved 3-2 (75th). The final phase remained hectic, Dursun had the first good chance (83rd), but he just missed. In stoppage time, the lilies should have achieved the 4: 2, but gave the best opportunities. Which was not so important in the end, as it stayed at the 3-2 it deserved.

Further information

SC Paderborn – SV Darmstadt 98 2: 3 (1: 1)

Paderborn: Zingerle – Dörfler (83rd Owusu), Hünemeier, Schonlau (37th Thalhammer), Okoroji – Schallenber, Vasiliadis (83rd Proeger), Führich, Justvan (74th Michel), Antwi-Adjei (74th Ingelsson) – Srbeny
Darmstadt: Shoes – Herrmann, Pfeiffer, Holland, Palsson, Rapp, Skarke (76th Berko), Mehlem (85th Schnellhardt), Honsak (76th Kempe) – Dursun (85th plate)

Tore: 0: 1 Dursun (20./FE), 1: 1 Srbeny (24./FE), 2: 1 Führich (55.), 2: 2 Mehlem (68.), 2: 3 Dursun (75.)

Yellow cards: Schonlau, Okoroji, Pröger – Pfeiffer, Holland, Berko, Honsak, Kempe
Referee: Schlager (Hügelsheim)
End of further information

Broadcast: hr-iNFO, 05.03.2021, 21.00

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