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Vorarlberg’s cable carers hope for a good summer, again with foreign guests.

Feldkirch “Was gond mi d´Gäscht a?” Was the title of a campaign that the Vorarlberg tourism industry launched many years ago to convey to the locals the role of tourism as a fundamental part of Vorarlberg’s living space. This winter one could clearly see what the “Gäscht” mean in the country, what everything depends on tourism. In addition to the economically devastating consequences for many industries, including the cable car industry, which is struggling with a minus of 90 percent this winter, the Vorarlbergers were able to use the slopes and ski lifts almost alone this year, they had a free run. However, it also became apparent that operations could not be maintained with Vorarlbergers alone.

At the traditional cable car conference, which took place this year as a video conference due to the still precarious Corona situation, a balance was drawn. A good winter for sure ”and for the opening of the ski areas before Christmas. But the cable car users are also looking to the future. It is hoped that foreign guests will be able to come to Vorarlberg again in the summer, according to the spokesman for the cable car industry, Andreas Gapp.

The industry says that you will continue to develop, albeit with a time lag. Investments are being postponed for the time being, but should keep the ski areas in the state attractive and of course competitive in the future in competition with other Alpine regions.

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perspective cable car users ahead Vorarlberger Nachrichten


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