Without a mask or distance at a football game – Holland shows how it’s done


Frenkie de Jong seems to be enjoying the fans’ presence.

Getty Images

Around 5000 fans were allowed into the stadium for the World Cup qualifier between the Netherlands and Latvia on Saturday. Some of them did not have to wear a mask or observe distance rules.

Squeezed close together, without keeping the minimum distance and without wearing protective masks, the Dutch fans sing their national team for a 2-0 win over Latvia. What seems unimaginable in times of the corona pandemic will become a fact in Amsterdam on Saturday.

What’s behind it: The approximately 5,000 people in the Johan Cruyff Arena are part of a study that should help accelerate the return of spectators to the stadiums in the pandemic. Before the game, all fans were tested negative for the corona virus.

In the stadium, the spectators were divided into four sectors. Some had to wear masks, others could create a good mood without mouth and nose protection. Even if the pictures of the audience seem to be getting used to, they give hope for a further step back to normality.

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mask distance football game Holland shows


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