World Cup qualification live: This is how it stands for Austria against the Faroe Islands


  • Today at 09:32 PM

    The first half is over

    That was it for the first 45 minutes. And after half an hour it still looked bitter, it is now 3: 1 for the ÖFB team.

  • Today, 9:30 PM

    Goal for Austria!

    44. Minute: And who was it? Kalajdzic, of course. Alaba is played on the left by Baumgartner, he fits in the middle and Kalajdzic only has to hold out his foot. 3: 1.

  • Today at 09:28 PM

    Now a graduation, albeit a bumpy one, from Kalajdzic. After his two goals against Scotland, he wants to go up today. But the shot is too weak and is not a threat.

  • Today at 09:26 PM

    The last minutes of this game are running. Austria now much more active, let’s hope it stays that way.

  • Today at 09:23 PM

    Goal for Austria!

    37. Minute: And that’s where the ÖFB team takes the lead. Baumgartner brings the ball into the goal after a low cross into the penalty area, it can go that fast.

  • Today at 09:17 PM

    32. Minute: The hit mobilized the ambition of the Austrians, they want more. Alaba crosses in the middle, the ball is deflected and falls onto the crossbar. And only a little later, Sabitzer tries to graduate, but the goalkeeper is there.

  • Today at 9:15 PM

    Compensation for Austria!

    30. Minute: A defense attorney has to fix it. After a corner, Lainer’s ball is extended to the far post, where Dragovic is right and netting. 1: 1.

  • Today at 09:13 PM

    Next chance for the Faroe Islands!

    Nattestad again, with his head again. This time he has a chance after a cross in the penalty area, but Schlager clears for a corner.

  • Today at 09:12 PM

    Alaba is trying!

    26. Minute: Sabitzer on Alaba and he tries a long-range shot from around 17, 18 meters. The goalie can hold forward after a short ricochet.

  • Today at 9:10 PM

    25 minutes have been played. Austria currently lacks the necessary recipe. The Faroe Islands are always crossed into the penalty area, but they are still safe at the moment.

  • Today at 09:07 PM

    This of course puts the ÖFB team under even more pressure. And the Faroe Islands keep coming up here. Confident looks different at the moment.

  • Today at 09:04 PM

    Goal for the Faroe Islands!

    18. Minute: And that’s when it happened. The blatant outsider meets the 1-0 lead here. Nattestad heads after the corner. Although the defender was supported by Trauner, the referee still gives the goal.

  • Today at 09:03 PM

    The first yellow card of the game is for Grillitsch after 17 minutes, plus a free kick for the Faroe Islands. Hendriksson brings this right on goal, but Schlager holds and clears for a corner.

  • Today at 8:59 PM

    Sabitzer with the chance!

    First really good graduation of the Austrians. Kalajdzic picks up Sabitzer, who pulls half-volley, but the goalkeeper saves the shot. And after the corner, the ball almost lands in the goal again, but from Baumgartner’s knee the ball bounces against the post. And then the goalie can clarify.


  • Today at 8:57 PM

    Impartial sets the tone

    By the way, that’s the referee for this game: Kateryna Monsul.

  • Today, 08:55 PM

    The first graduation of the Faroese. The guests don’t hide here and try to play along themselves. The Austrians shouldn’t allow too much, even if the shot clearly passed.

  • Today at 8:51 PM

    The first 5 minutes are played. Austria set the tone, as expected, the Faroe Islands already with almost all players deep in their own half. Which of course doesn’t make it any easier for the ÖFB team. But they try, you can already see that here.

  • Today, 08:46 PM

    And it goes straight forward, the first minute is not even over. Alaba brings the ball flat in the middle, but the Faroe goalie saves.

  • Today at 8:45 PM

    It starts!

    We are ready, I hope you are too. In any case, Austria is challenged, it has to be a victory. The referee whistles for the game, now it’s time.

  • Today, 08:40 PM

    “Gem, gem”

    Can ÖFB captain David Alaba be heard as the two teams enter the field. It starts in 5 minutes, of course the hymns come first.

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