World Cup qualification: will Romania be a stumbling block for the DFB-Elf?


54. MinuteThe German team is picking up the pace again. Gnabry with an explosive kick in the Romanian half and a fine pass to Sane, who appears on the left in the penalty area and passes Nita. But then the angle becomes too acute and the pass towards Goretzka does not arrive.

51. MinuteGood chance for Goretzka! Can marches forward on the left and then lays the ball flat back into the back area, where Goretzka comes free from the edge of the sixteen to shoot. The attempt is massive, but not placed enough. Nita can parry with both fists.

49. MinuteNeuer is usually nervous: The German goalkeeper goes into dribbling in his own penalty area, wins it and then plays a clean pass in the build-up.

46. MinuteGo on!

46. MinuteMirel Radoi reacts to the break and brings Burca for Camora.

The German team was clearly superior in the first half and deservedly lead 1-0 – but without burning off fireworks. In addition to the well-played goal by Gnabry, Havertz had a great chance and Kimmich only hit the crossbar from a distance. The Romanians had a good counter-opportunity, but Mihaila hastily forgone it.

45. Minute (+1)Break! Germany leads 1-0.

45. Minute (+1)Gnabry plays Havertz on the sixteenth and then follows with speed. Havertz tries the lob direction Gnabry, but Mihaila is in between and can clarify.

43. MinuteNow Kimmich has a lot of space, because he brings a free kick from the right into the center. Gnabry climbs up and comes to the header, but he puts it well over the goal.

40. MinuteKimmich is consistently put under cover in the build-up of the game and is not yet the very big factor in the German game.

37. MinuteDecent free kick situation for Romania on the left. Marin brings the ball into the center with a lot of cut, but Klostermann can clear.

34. MinuteWell-deserved leadership for the German team, who are clearly ahead in terms of shots on goal (7: 4), possession of the ball (70 percent) and the duel rate (63 percent).

31. MinuteSane prevails well on the left, but the subsequent cross for Havertz is played too far. Overall, however, a good performance from the DFB-Elf so far.

28. MinuteStrong combination of the DFB-Elf! Kimmich lifts the ball into the sixteen to Goretzka, who sees no gap at the end and puts it back on Sane, who in turn puts the heel back elegantly on Kimmich, whose shot is blocked by the edge of the sixteen.

27. MinuteRomania in search of the answer. Marin prevails in dribbling against Kimmich and holds on from 20 meters. Too central and no problem for newcomers.

25. MinuteBut not only Gnabry is running hot in the DFB dress: Havertz was directly involved in at least one goal in seven of his last eight international matches (three goals, six assists), only in the 2-1 in Ukraine in October 2020 he went empty-handed.

23. MinuteIt was the 15th international goal for Gnabry. The offensive player of FC Bayern is now something like the goalscorer of the service in the DFB-Elf. Since the 2018 World Cup, Gnabry has been directly involved in 18 goals in 17 international matches (twelve goals, six assists) – no other German player has more than ten goal participations in this period.

20. MinuteRUMMS! Almost 2-0! Popesco heads a flank from the right side exactly in front of the feet of Kimmich, who is on it from a good 20 meters with the full span. The ball is deflected slightly and Nita just steers the ball against the bar with her fingertips.

Yellow card
17. MinutePopescu thought Havertz was offside at the Rüdiger Pass and complained loudly. There is a yellow card for that. In addition, the Romanian defender is still wrong: The German hit was regular.
16. MinuteTOOOR! Romania – GERMANY 0-1! There is the German leadership! Rüdiger plays a long pass to Havertz, who started at the right moment and has some space on the half-right of the penalty area. The ball acceptance is actually not optimal, but then the Chelsea star makes it very strong, hits a quick hook and then lays across the run-in Gnabry with a lot of overview, who pushes in from seven meters without problems at the bottom left.

12. MinuteBig thing for Romania! Chinches suddenly plays a wide ball behind the German back four in the build-up of the game. Mihaila has escaped Ginter and enters the penalty area on the left, but the finish from 13 meters is a bit hasty and goes well over the gate. He would even have had a little more time.

10. MinuteHavertz with the big chance! Gnabry accelerates enormously in the Romanian half, pulls two opponents towards him and then pokes through to the right at exactly the right moment for Havertz, who appears free in front of Nita, but then fails with his left-footed shot at the Romanian goalkeeper.

8. MinuteGoetzka plays Sane on the left in the penalty area, but the winger can’t get past Popescu.

5. MinuteHavertz is very noticeable in the first few minutes. The 21-year-old plays a sharp flat pass to Gnabry, who wants to pass on to Goretzka on the sixteenth. A Romanian defensive leg is in between, but the ricochet lands on the advanced Can, which immediately pulls off from a good 20 meters. Over it!

2. MinuteDecent first attack: Havertz takes Goretzka with him on the right. The Bayern star has a lot of space on the flank, but does not find Gnabry in the center.

1. MinuteKick-off! Germany opens and plays again in the new black jerseys. Romania is wearing yellow jerseys and socks and white shorts.

Before the game startsReferee Clement Turpin has lined up with the teams and the national anthems will be played. Soon it will start!

Before the game startsBoth teams started the World Cup qualifying with a win. At the top of Group J, however, is Armenia, which defeated Iceland 2-0 in the early evening and leads the table with six points from two games.

Before the game startsIt is the 14th international match between Germany and Romania. The DFB team won eight of the duels (three draws, two defeats).

Before the game startsJoachim Löw expects a much more difficult task than at the start against Iceland. “We will certainly be faced with completely different challenges on the defensive,” said the national coach before the game.

Before the game startsManuel Neuer completes his 98th international match today and draws level with Michael Ballack. Only 16 players in history have more international matches for Germany.

Before the game startsRomania has four changes after the 3-2 win against North Macedonia: Tosca, Hagi, Mihaila and Camora play for Burca, Bancu, Coman and Man.

Before the game startsSo startet Rumänien: Nita – Popescu, Chinches, Tosca, Camora – Marin, Stanciu – Hagi, Tanase, Mihaila – Keseru.

Before the game startsJoachim Löw trusts exactly the same team that triumphed 3-0 against Iceland on Thursday. The last time that the DFB-Elf played in two international matches with the same starting line-up was in October 2016 – at that time there was a 3-0 win against the Czech Republic and a 2-0 against Northern Ireland in the World Cup qualifiers. Is that a good omen?

Before the game startsThis is the German starting XI: Neuer – Klostermann, Ginter, Rüdiger, Can – Kimmich – Goretzka, Gündogan – Gnabry, Havertz, Sane.

Before the game startsWelcome to the World Cup qualifier 2022 game in Group J between Romania and Germany.

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