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Update: We have added new items to our list of the most important findings from the TBC Classic beta. Original: The first WoW fans can visit the Outland of Burning Crusade Classic and put the new content through its paces. In this article we want to summarize some of the insights that the testers were able to gain in the first few hours. Also included: drumming, anger of thunder, leveling through dungeons and experience by handing in ZG coins.

Update from March 25th:
Day 2 of the closed beta version of WoW: Burning Crusade also brought some exciting insights to light.

  • The meta-stone with mobility and crit damage is already in beta (only came with patch 2.1). The recipes for the Epic Engineering Glasses have not yet been discovered.
  • Haris Pilton is in Shattrath and sells the 22-place bag for 1,200 gold
  • Zephyr, the NPC you can use to port you to the Caverns of Time, is also in Shattrath (but you cannot interact with him yet)
  • The rare (blue) PvP armor sets from TBC are no longer available from the Ruf dealers.
  • Opponents in Outland and Outland dungeons give very little experience at the moment – more info: TBC Classic Beta – the pace of the level is currently slower than in 2007
  • The Spell batching adjustments announced in January are active in beta, the game feels very straightforward and smooth.
  • The new training for fast riding costs 540 gold in the beta, for a fast mount you pay 90 gold. A total of 630 gold is due (which is significantly less than currently in WoW (buy now 14,99 €) Classic (1,000 gold minus reputation and PvP Rank 3 discount).
  • Alcoholic beverages and buffed food share a buff slot.
  • The Tauren’s hit box is just as big in TBC Classic as it is in WoW Classic.
  • Of the Devastator of the sky of light is not just a main-hand weapon, but can be used in both hands.
  • The important recipe for primal power can only be bought in limited quantities from the dealer (1 recipe is available at most), the cooldown should last several hours.
  • The one-handed weapons of blacksmithing are currently “unique” and can therefore only be worn once. This corresponds to the original launch status from 2007.
  • Unlike in the beta for WoW Classic, the Blizzard developers apparently want to make the first raid instances available for test rounds this time. In Shattrath there are NPCs who supply you with consumables and who can teleport you in front of certain raid instances (not yet active).

swell: Reddit, Kargoz

Original message from March 24th:
The Beta from WoW: Burning Crusade Classic started last night and some players have already spent hours in Outland trying or checking all sorts of things. In this message we want to summarize the exciting findings for you:

  • The legendary Donnerzorn is available in Burning Crusade Classic in the weaker version and is therefore noticeably weaker than at the time when Burning Crusade was launched.
  • The Drums of the leather workers have only changed in detail so far according to the tooltip in the beta: They are now a consumable item with only one (!) charge and only work for group members within a range of 8 meters. In addition, information about a new “large drums” version was discovered, which is said to have a greater range of 40 meters. In both cases there is no question of a new debuff that limits the use of the drums. Since the developers would not achieve their goal that way (“the large part of raid-crazy players shouldn’t be forced to skill leatherworking”), this current version of the drums amazes us. Of course, a lot can still happen during the beta.
  • The repeated delivery of Zul’Gurub coins will not be a way to level up quickly. In the beta you will receive zero experience points by submitting it. It looks similar with comparable objects such as the winter fur pearls or the scourge stones. The repeatable quests in the temple of Ahn’Qiraj could not yet be tested because the gate is locked due to the lack of an opening event.
  • The rare (blue) PvP armor sets from TBC are available from the reputation vendors as soon as you are Honored with the respective faction and level 70.
  • As Blizzard promised, you need a respectful reputation for the Keys to the heroic dungeons to be able to buy.
  • In the beta, it is currently more efficient to complete quests in the open world in terms of experience received repeats dungeons to visit. The first dungeons give very little experience per run, so you have to plan a lot of runs if you want to level along the way. At launch, this strategy may still be an option, depending on the number of players in Outland and the number of layers Blizzard will be providing.
  • The Summoning Stones in front of the dungeons are currently not in operation.
  • Jewels at magic speed are available from launch.
  • Urnether are not bound when picked up and can therefore be traded.
  • Zanza elixirs and the Buffs from the Blasted Lands count as combat / guardian elixirs.
  • The buffs from the chocolate from Valentins-Event stacks with the battle / guardian elixirs.
  • Mounts are available from level 30.
  • The special ones Jewels for jewel cutters become inactive as soon as one forgets the job.
  • In the dungeons of Outland, first Chests sighted.
  • The Manufacture of moon cloth or arcanite bars does not trigger a multi-day cooldown.

Those: Sarthe, Blizzard, Reddit

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