Xavier Naidoo: Singer speaks up via Telegram – and defends Attila Hildmann


Xavier Naidoo shows solidarity with Attila Hildmann again. After the vegan author fled to Turkey, the singer took his “brother in spirit” under protection.

While more and more conspiracy ideologues are fleeing abroad, Xavier Naidoo continues to hold the position in Germany. But it has become rather quiet on his Telegram channel. Every now and then, the man from Mannheim makes controversial statements, but he no longer lets the really big bombs burst. Whether that is because other ideologues such as the Sinsheim-based maverick doctor Bodo Schiffmann or Attila Hildmann are already being officially investigated? For this reason, both have already fled the country – Schiffmann to Africa, probably Tanzania, and Hildmann to Turkey. But now Naidoo speaks again about the vegan author from Berlin. He protects Attila Hildmann via Telegram.

Name Xavier Kurt Naidoo
Born October 2, 1971 in Mannheim
parents Eugene Naidoo, Rausammy Naidoo
Albums Out of this world, live, there and away, telegram for X

Xavier Naidoo: Attila Hildmann fled to Turkey

After several weeks of uncertainty, it is now known where Attila Hildmann fled to to evade German justice. “According to our knowledge, Attila Hildmann is currently in Turkey. With the timely execution of the arrest warrant on urgent suspicion of sedition, the public. Calls for criminal offenses and resistance to law enforcement officers are not expected“, Writes the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office on Twitter. That the vegan cookbook author – as announced – a “Headshot“Will cash is very unlikely.

Instead, the native of Berlin mocks the German judicial authorities and wishes them greetings via Telegram from his “vacation“. On the same account, the 39-year-old also denies the Holocaust every day and lets his anti-Semitism run wild. Most recently, Hildmann even insulted Smudo and his Luca app.

Xavier Naidoo describes Attila Hildmann as a “brother in spirit”

For the otherwise so peaceful Xavier Naidoo, the hatred and aggression that Attila Hildmann lives out don’t seem so bad. In a voice message, the man from Mannheim now comments on the Berliner – and describes him as his “Brother in spirit“. In addition, Naidoo takes his buddy under protection. “I am happy that he is safe, that he is comfortable. I continue to stand by him“, Says the former son of Mannheim.

So every conspiracy ideologist has his “own niche“Found in the resistance. According to Xavier Naidoo, Attila Hildmann had achieved a lot within a year, but also burned a lot of energy that he shouldn’t have burned. The singer sees the background to this in the fact that the vegan author only “awakens” be. Because unlike Hildmann, Naidoo has been spreading conspiracy myths for many years about the flat earth and an occupied Germany under the “BRD-GmbH“.

Xavier Naidoo: Attila Hildmann destroys years of work

Please don’t hold it against him. He’s just a brilliant entrepreneur“, Asks Xavier Naidoo. When making this statement, did the man from Mannheim also consider that Hildmann destroyed almost everything within a year that he had built up over the years? Shops have taken its vegan products out of their range and at least one supplier has stopped working with the Berliner. It is also very questionable whether Hildmann can reopen his vegan food snack bar in Berlin from Turkey. And like Xavier Naidoo, Michael Wendler and, most recently, Nena, Attila Hildmann is probably too hot an iron for German television.

Xavier Naidoo: Singer wants a big party

At the end of his voice message, Xavier Naidoo hopes that he and Attila Hildmann can finally embrace each other again and celebrate a big party with many others. However, as long as thousands of lateral thinkers demonstrate on the street without face masks and hygiene rules – as most recently in Kassel and probably also on Sunday (March 28th) in Sinsheim – this scenario is now a long way off. Unless it should “go up“, As Naidoo goes on to say. Because the 49-year-old is also up for it. What he means by that is unclear. But after he and other ideologues call politicians serious criminals and speak of an occupied Germany, one can already imagine something by that. (ie)

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Xavier Naidoo Singer speaks Telegram defends Attila Hildmann


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