Xbox is much more popular than PlayStation in Mexico


In Mexico, according to a report among consoles, the Xbox was significantly more popular than the PlayStation in Q4 / 2020.
According to a market research institute that specializes specifically in Latin American countries, the Xbox brand is ahead of the PlayStation in Mexico.

In a report by the Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) for 2020, over 72 million people in Mexico played video games on a wide variety of platforms last year.

75% of these players prefer the smartphone as their platform of choice. In second place are consoles with a share of 20%.

Figures for the fourth quarter of 2020 show that 60.7% prefer the Xbox as a console platform and Microsoft consoles have the largest market share. A distinction is made between 36.9% for Xbox One, 17.7% for Xbox 360 and 3.4% for Xbox Series X | S.

In contrast, the PlayStation share was only 29.2% in the period mentioned. Here 18.8% fall on the PlayStation 4 and 5.0% on the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 5 only comes to 1.2%.

In third place came Nintendo with 10.1%. With 3.5%, the Wii is even ahead of the Switch, which only has a share of 3.1%.

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Xbox popular PlayStation Mexico


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