Xbox Live: Now called Xbox Network, it is designed to make life easier for gamers


Twenty years after it was first launched, Microsoft is changing the name of its online service from Xbox Live to Xbox Network. What will this change for the fans?

Redmond, USA – Microsoft presents free games to Xbox Live Gold members every month. Thanks to their subscription, they can secure free access to many of the most popular games in the store. Because of the downward compatibility, the titles presented can also be played on the next-gen Xbox Series X console. Xbox Live members (without Gold), however, do not enjoy these benefits and can only access Microsoft’s online service. So this subscription only entitles online access to the basic system – but now there is a change in the special offer from Microsoft. The Redmond company now renames the online service to Xbox Network around. You can find out what that means here.

Name of the service Xbox Network
Monthly charges 6,99€
providers Microsoft
Consoles Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X/S
advantages up to 4 monthly Free games, access to online multiplayer, exclusive discounts
active memberships 90 million users

Xbox Live becomes Xbox Network: New naming for Microsoft’s online service

From now on, Microsoft’s Xbox Live will be officially called “Xbox Network” designated. Gamers need this to play different games online or with friends in multiplayer. According to Microsoft, it should Goal behind the name change have been that entire network from the subscription service to separate.

Microsoft reporter Tom Warren was one of the first to notice the change. The Xbox dashboard now refers to Xbox Live as “Xbox Network“. That then led to speculation that Microsoft might be considering changing the name of its online service. Various gamers have also reported that the name has changed on the Xbox Series X. Many fans and Xbox owners discussed the possibility that the Xbox Live branding is completely eliminated. This assumption is reinforced by the fact that Microsoft spokesman Larry Hryb changed the channel name of his YouTube channel from “Larry Hryb, Major Nelson von Xbox Live“ in „Larry Hryb, Major Nelson von Xbox” has changed.

Xbox Live becomes Xbox Network: Microsoft is repositioning itself – that is changing

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Xbox Live becomes Xbox Network: what will change now for Microsoft service customers?

All in all, the entire change in the Microsoft store from Xbox seems to be real at first only concern the name. So the whole change seems to be more harmless than many initially suspected. An official Microsoft spokesman also confirmed this: “Xbox Network refers to the underlying Xbox online service that has been updated in the Microsoft Services Agreement. The update from ‘Xbox Live’ to ‘Xbox Network’ is intended to simplify the difference between Xbox Live Gold membership.“So it appears in the In the past to be that many fans can tell the difference between “Xbox Live” and “Xbox Live Gold“Did not notice.

Microsoft also caused quite a stir earlier this year when it announced a price increase for Xbox Live Gold. Because of a huge one Shitstorms in your own community made the Redmond company forget their decision and revised it. In addition, Microsoft announced that it would be dropping Xbox Live Gold for free games. Some people believe that Microsoft is trying to phase out Xbox Live entirely as the company is currently dealing with the Xbox Game Pass building a future of service would like to. That said, there are still some free Xbox Live Gold games in March available for download.

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Xbox Live called Xbox Network designed life easier gamers


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