Xbox Series S: 4K resolution for games and video streaming possible?



The Xbox Series S is the cheaper alternative to the Xbox Series X, but does it also offer 4K resolution for gaming and video streaming? We’ll tell you.

The Xbox Series S costs only 300 euros. (Source: Microsoft)

  • The Xbox Series S is designed for a resolution of 1,440p.
  • If the requirements are correct, they are scaled up to 4K.

Before you buy an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you should know the differences between the consoles. One of them concerns the resolution.

While the Xbox Series X displays games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second (FPS), the Xbox Series S aims at a resolution of 1,440p at 120 frames per second.

So it is not intended to display 4K resolution natively, but if you have a 4K television you will enjoy streaming video in that resolution, confirms the Microsoft blog Windows Central. When playing games, the Xbox scales up to 4K.

Xbox Series X im Test
Sony’s new generation of consoles

We subject Sony’s PS5 to a test that should also show whether the console is better than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. It plays that well with the PlayStation 5.

If you want to connect it to your television, we’ll help you set it up. We will also give you suggested solutions for problems with the Xbox Series X / S.

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Those: Microsoft (Quelle)

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