Xiaomi brings the Airpower mat that Apple couldn’t build


As part of a large product presentation, Xiaomi also presented a product that is interesting for Apple fans, which is strongly reminiscent of the AirPower charging mat that Apple once presented, then postponed and finally discontinued without result.

Xiaomi triumphs over Apple

Xiaomi claims to have started construction when Apple gave up. Ultimately, it cannot be verified whether this is a true story.

As was planned with AirPower, the devices can be freely positioned on the charging mat. This also means that a large number of coils have to be accommodated below the surface and that causes waste heat. It should be a total of 19 pieces. The heat development is said to have been the biggest problem at Apple. Xiaomi can charge three devices in parallel with a total of 20 watts on its charging mat. That is a comparatively large amount. Whether a fan is installed is currently hidden.

Wireless charging is a waste of energy

The Xiaomi charger is unlikely to get a blue angel: The charger works with 120 watts, so the power loss is likely to be correspondingly drastic. Positive: The Xiaomi charging solution works according to the Qi standard and costs the equivalent of around 80 euros. When she will come to Europe is in the stars.

Your opinion?

Would you get this charging mat if it came to Germany? Do such devices make sense for you or do you prefer to charge with a traditional cable? Write us your opinion in the comment fields, we look forward to your feedback.

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Xiaomi brings Airpower mat Apple couldnt build


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