Xiaomi makes the smartphone lens fluid


Almost all modern premium smartphones have a large module on the back with at least three built-in cameras. Xiaomi could soon break with this tradition. Because the Chinese manufacturer recently published a video in which the “Liquid Lense” for the Mi-Mix smartphone is presented.

As “Der Standard” reports, there is a liquid in the camera lens. This should make it possible to combine several cameras in one. Both telephoto and macro shots are possible with the “Liquid Lense”. The autofocus and the focal length would be changed by means of electrical voltage. With the technology, the camera should also focus faster.

While the technology for smartphones is new, it is already being used in medicine and industry – for example to monitor manufacturing processes. Liquid lenses can be beneficial wherever cameras need to focus quickly and automatically.

Xiaomi introduced new camera technologies for its smartphones back in November 2020. Including a 120 millimeter telephoto lens and a tele macro lens, which is suitable for taking pictures from near and far.

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Xiaomi smartphone lens fluid


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