Xiaomi Mi 10 falling in price: Here you can find the flagship phones at a low price



You can now buy the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10T much cheaper than at the market launch. We’ll show you where to get the premium cell phones at the best price.

The presale of Xiaomi’s latest flagship, the Mi 11, has started. You can secure the cell phone for 799 euros. However, if this is too expensive for you, it can be worthwhile to grab the Mi 10. The cell phone was launched on March 28, 2020 and was also offered for release at prices from 799 euros.

In the meantime, however, the prices for the smartphone are between 500 euros and 560 euros. Sometimes it is even possible that you can find the Mi 10 for less than 450 euros. We’ll show you where you can get the cheapest price right now.

Mi 10 Lite

With the Mi 10T, Xiaomi released a revised version of the mobile phone in the same year in which the Mi 10 appeared. Compared to the Mi 10, for example, the refresh rate of the display was increased from 90 to 144 Hertz and the quad camera was replaced by a triple cam. We have summarized all changes for you in detail.

However, there is another fundamental difference between the Mi 10 and the Mi 10T, namely the price. When the Mi 10T was released, the price was 599 euros, far below that of its predecessor, and you can now buy the cell phone much cheaper.

Mi 10T Lite

Mi 10T

Xiaomi Mi 10T | 128 gigabytes of memory
386,99€499,90€-22% Electronis

The Xiaomi Mi 10 T has a strong configuration with 128 gigabytes of device memory, six gigabytes of RAM and a Snapdragon 865 processor. At Electronis you can grab the cell phone for only 386.99 euros. The offer is good, because the recommended retail price is 499.90 euros, over 110 euros higher. At other retailers, however, the cell phone hardly costs more than at Electronis.

To the offer at Electronis

XIaomi Mi 10T Pro

If you are not yet sure whether you should choose a cell phone from the Mi 10 series, we recommend you take a look at our large smartphone buying guide. We also show you new mobile phone offers at the best prices every day.

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