Yeliz Koc: Concern for the pregnant woman: She had to go to the hospital


Worry about Yeliz Koc! The pregnant woman is expecting her first child together with Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and has now reported with a health update.

Yeliz Koc (27) and Jimi Blue Ochenknecht (29) surprised everyone with their baby news on February 25th. Since then, it has been pretty quiet about the mom-to-be on social media. So calm that some fans were seriously worried!

You couldn’t be happier! In the video above, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and Yeliz Koc had made their relationship official for the first time.

Yeliz made it clear shortly after her pregnancy was announced that she was suffering from extreme nausea. As the son of Natascha Ochenknecht (56) revealed, the ex-“Bachelor” participant even had to be treated in the hospital at times!

In the video below you can see Yeliz’s “real talk” about pregnancy. In any case, she imagined it to be completely different “in joyful anticipation”.

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Yeliz Koc shocks with health update: “Only blood came”

Now Yeliz finally spoke up again and announced in her Instagram story: “It’s been a long time, but I’m back. I’m alive again, I’m fine again, as if nothing had ever happened.” Pure relief – even if the 27-year-old suffers from “Hyperemesis gravidarum”, a particularly serious type of pregnancy sickness.

She explained in a calm voice on Instagram: “At some point it just didn’t work anymore. I lost a lot of weight and at some point only blood came out because I really had nothing in my body. No water, really nothing.”


Yeliz Koc is happy about her first baby

Yeliz Koc
Difficult start into pregnancy: “Most things disgust me”
“Bachelor” star Yeliz Koc struggled with severe nausea at the beginning of her pregnancy. Now she reveals that she is better and what has helped her.

Yeliz Koc: “I can live again, I can laugh again”

As Yeliz also said, she has tried all sorts of aids in recent weeks – from tablets to suppositories to a drip filled with an anti-nausea agent. But none of it should have brought anything! In the meantime, however, the expectant mother is said to have found a drug that works.

What luck! In her Instagram story, Yeliz Koc was happy with the words: In the meantime, however, she has finally found a drug that she tolerates and that works. “I haven’t had anything since then. It’s completely gone. I’m doing really well and not feeling bad. I can live again, I can laugh again.”

In a few weeks Jimi Blue will be Ochsenknecht’s uncle. His little sister Cheyenne will be a mom for the first time, and Dad Uwe will be a grandpa for the second time. You can see how he cuddles his grandson in the video below.

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