Youngest lottery winner: Now Callie Rogers is broke


At the time, she couldn’t believe her luck: In 2003, Callie Rogers was the youngest winner to win the equivalent of almost 2.5 million euros in the British lottery. Today she’s broke.

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Callie Rogers (33) life is like a roller coaster ride: The then 16-year-old worked in 2003 as a temporary saleswoman for less than five pounds an hour. Then followed a real lucky ticket when the young Englishwoman won the equivalent of 2.5 million euros in the lottery. Now she’s broke and lives on welfare.

  • Callie Rogers won € 2.5 million in the lottery at the age of 16
  • She is the youngest lottery winner in Great Britain
  • The crash followed – there is nothing left of the wealth these days

Rogers was suddenly a rich woman – and that’s how she lived. According to “Mirror”, she squandered the money she won, had her breasts operated three times, lived for parties and took drugs. The final low then followed last year.

The crash of the lottery winner: the escape from the police – with cocaine in her blood

Because in 2020 Rogers caused a car accident and then delivered a chase with the police. When they finally caught her, she had to take a drug test.

This proved that the once youngest lottery winner in Great Britain was behind the wheel with cocaine in her blood. She was sentenced to a 22-month driving ban and a hefty fine. Callie Rogers had hit the wall with not only her car, but her life as well.

Lottery winner Callie Rogers lives on welfare today

Meanwhile, the mother of four lives on welfare, nothing left of her millions in profit for a long time. In retrospect, she was hopelessly overwhelmed by the sudden wealth and she threw her money out the window with both hands.

For this reason, too, she had repeatedly advocated that the minimum age for participation in lottery games should be raised to 18 in Great Britain. And Callie Rogers was at least successful in this endeavor: From April 2021, players must be at least 18 years old.

It is questionable whether the two years longer would have helped the then 16-year-olds noticeably – but it is unquestionable that Callie Rogers is a warning example that getting too early can quickly become a curse. (nb)

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Youngest lottery winner Callie Rogers broke


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