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Would bring 15-20 new jobs for local professional ice hockey players

Vienna. (OTS) The ice hockey players UNION, a professional group of the younion _ Die Daseinsgewerkschaft, took note with some astonishment that the application of the VEU Feldkirch as the only one of the four remaining applicants for a place in the ICE Hockey League was not considered.

“We welcome the league expansion, regardless of whether with domestic or foreign teams,” emphasizes Chairman Alexander Tomanek. “However, we would have liked to have had the Austrian representative with us, because that would ultimately bring 15-20 new jobs for local professional ice hockey players. It’s not just about Feldkirch. For the UNION it is irrelevant whether a team comes from Vorarlberg or from Burgenland. “

Each additional domestic participant expands the labor market for the members. The deputy chairman, Patrick Harand, does not want to accept the argument that there are not enough Austrian players: “The cracks are not extinct. They just play a league below. “

Philipp Lukas from the ice hockey player UNION also sees the second rejection of an Austrian participant in a row (note: last year the EHV Linz was refused entry) with skepticism: “We hope that the ICE Hockey League teams will rethink this soon, because this is possible it’s not just about the league, but above all about the Austrian ice hockey, which is so popular on all sides. “

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