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In the future, you will be able to read some of your letters by email while you are out and about before they land in the mailbox. Because Deutsche Post is now expanding its “Letter Announcement” service to include “Digital Copy”. She designs this service together with the e-mail providers GMX and

If you are registered with one of these providers for letter announcement, you can now, if you wish, receive an e-mail before a letter is delivered, which not only contains a photo of the envelope but also a PDF document with the letter content. So far there has only been the envelope. The service is free and available to all GMX and users.

Sender must also participate

The digital letter copy does not violate the confidentiality of letters. The explicit commissioning of business mail senders and private recipients is a prerequisite for this service. In other words: you will only receive a digital copy if the sender also cooperates. This is necessary because Swiss Post does not open and scan the letters. The content of the letter comes digitally directly from the sender. According to Swiss Post, 50 large mail order companies such as Vodafone Germany or Otto as well as over 10,000 small and medium-sized companies are on board at the start.

“The digitization of the mail area is not an end in itself for us, but serves to make our customers’ lives easier and more convenient,” says Tobias Meyer, Board Member for Post & Parcel Germany at Deutsche Post DHL Group. “The digital mail announcement was well received. “With the digital copy, we are now consistently pursuing this path”. Those who use the new function can now receive the corresponding letters in two ways: as a legally secure letter and as an archivable e-mail.

This is how you get your letters by email

The special feature: Deutsche Post will not open and scan your letters. “A physical intervention by employees, such as manual scanning of the mail, is not necessary,” says the Post. Express consent to data processing is also required from the sender. The technical implementation is carried out for customers of Deutsche Post via a secure digital interface. Deutsche Post offers this service, among other things, to corporate customers with high shipping volumes who regularly send large quantities of invoices, contract documents or customer information by letter. In the future, a large part of the annual volume of letters in Germany could also be represented by the digital copy.

You can set and activate the digital copy in the settings of your e-mail inbox from or GMX. There is the point of letter notification, where you can activate both the digital copy and the notification. When you use it for the first time, your address will be checked by a verification letter.

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