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YouTube has already received some additional features in the past that are very similar to those of other platforms. In the USA, short video clips are now being added with YouTube shorts that are reminiscent of TikTok.

According to media reports, TikTok competitor YouTube Shorts has now started in the USA after a pilot phase in India. The beta version of the new social media outlet is to be rolled out for all US accounts in the coming weeks.

With its launch in the US, YouTube Shorts is also getting a number of new features. This includes, for example, the option of inserting text into the videos. Currently, the basic features of TikTok are covered.

Shorts, for example, have a split video function so that several clips can be strung together. The clips can be accelerated and slowed down individually afterwards. As an alternative to TikTok and Instagram Reels, music should of course not be missing.

YouTube Shorts therefore already offers a fairly generous selection of more than 250 labels and publishers. Including big names like Sony Music and the Warner Music Group. In the future, it should even be possible to use any music track on YouTube for a shorts video.

Shorts so far only in the YouTube app

YouTube is still testing the presentation of the shorts videos. It is therefore possible that the videos will reach interested parties in different ways. In most cases, a carousel with the small clips will appear in the “Home” tab of the YouTube app. Once you’ve opened a shorts clip, you can scroll vertically back and forth to see more shorts. YouTube also tests the display of the clips in a separate tab in the app. Instagram did a similar thing, which now shows its Reels videos in a central tab in the app.

Functional scope still very limited

There is currently no way to search the shorts specifically for your own interests. The selection made by the YouTube algorithm is tailored to your own interests. However, it is not possible to limit it to specific hashtags or subscribed channels.

So far, only the most basic functions are available for interacting with others. It is possible to like and dislike, as well as comment and share. There are no collaborative features such as reacting to other people’s clips or TikTok’s duet function.

If you want to test YouTube Shorts, you can already do so in Germany. To do this, it is sufficient to specify the USA in the country settings. It may take a while as shorts do not come for every account at the same time.

Will YouTube Shorts catch on?

With shorts, YouTube is taking another step in transforming the platform. With illustrated posts and stories, the streaming service has already received functions that we know from competing social media platforms such as Instagram.

How difficult it is to copy functions from other services retrospectively is shown by Instagram with the Reels videos. The company is still struggling with the fact that many reels are simply copied from TikTok clips and that original content is missing. A large number of the videos posted on YouTube Shorts have already been taken over by TikTok.

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