Zammad 4.0: Extended reporting, more cooperation with “Mentions”


For version 4.0, the developers of the web-based help desk and ticket system Zammad have concentrated on functions for enterprise use. On the one hand, they integrated Grafana and Kibana, for example to conveniently generate organization-specific reports and evaluations. The information obtained in this way can be exported and, if desired, used in external dashboards. Improvements in responsive design mean that both users and service agents can use the software effectively even on mobile devices.

Thanks to the integration of Grafana, visually appealing reports can be generated in Zammad 4.0.

(Image: Zammad)

Another innovation since the last release are the so-called mentions. In addition, tasks can be delegated directly to suitable contact persons at an early stage of ticket processing and processed together. Zammad expects this to provide significant relief for second-level support. Returns the service agent when editing @@Name on, the employee concerned receives a notification and can follow the ticket as an observer and work on a problem solution. If necessary, he can disengage himself from the workflow at any time (“unfollow”). Thanks to an improved integration of the GitLab and GitHub repositories, the issues there can be linked directly to Zammad tickets.

The software itself is open source and is licensed under the GNU AGPLv3. To ensure that it stays that way, the manufacturer has given the code to a foundation, the Zammad Foundation. The code is available for download on GitHub. If you want to run it on your own servers, you can conclude support contracts with Zammad GmbH. Alternatively, the company also offers a hosted variant.

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