Zero number in the Vienna Derby: Rapid and Austria split goalless


The zero number in a largely uneventful game in the Generali Arena hurts Austria more than Rapid – the “Veilchen” are two rounds before the end of the regular season as eighth in the table, three points behind sixth place. Participation in the master group has thus moved a long way off.

Austria was even further away from a much-needed victory than the second Rapid, whose deficit on Salzburg grew to five points. The Hütteldorfer had the much better chances in the second half.

The first 45 minutes were mainly characterized by duels, high balls and technical inadequacies on both sides. Actions over several stations were rare, and there were no compelling opportunities to score. At Austria, Marco Djuricin stormed for the first time from the start due to Benedikt Pichler’s ankle injury, the ex-team player tested Rapid goalkeeper Richard Strebinger with a shot that was too central (23rd). In the 39th minute, Manprit pulled Sarkaria from the penalty area.

Rapid had an attempt by Ercan Kara before the break, who caused problems for Austria goalie Patrick Pentz (34th). A few seconds later, Taxiarchis Fountas missed the target from outside the penalty area.

After changing sides, Rapid picked up a gear. For the first time since mid-December, Yusuf Demir found his master in Pentz (49th), Kara aimed free-standing from the pentagon past the long cross corner (52nd) and after a misunderstanding between Pentz and Christoph Schösswendter shot just past the long corner ( 60.).

Then the pressure from Rapid eased again, Austria was able to free itself, but was not dangerous itself. A promising attack succeeded in the 73rd minute, but Djuricin confused a possible pass from a tight angle to a high-profile shot.

At Rapid, the final offensive was heralded with a missed shot by Fountas from close range (80th), the great chance of victory followed in the 90th minute: First a header from Christoph Knasmüllner landed on the crossbar, Kara headed the bouncing ball onto the Foot of the highly reactive Pentz.

The second – and probably last – derby of this season ended in a draw. Last November they split 1: 1 at the Allianz Arena.


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number Vienna Derby Rapid Austria split goalless


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