Zurich-Schwamendingen: 56-year-old worker falls from the balcony and dies



A fatal accident occurred in Zurich-Schwamendingen on Saturday. As one reader reports, she saw a dead person covered up and a lot of police around 9 a.m. that morning.

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Police and medical services were deployed in Schwamendingen. A worker fell from a balcony.


As one reader said to 20 minutes, after getting up in front of the house in the Zurich district, she saw 12 employees of the medical service. “A white tent has also been set up and there are a lot of police here,” the reader continues.

Upon request, the Zurich City Police initially only confirmed one operation. A media release later said that an accident at work had occurred at a property on Luegislandstrasse.

«For reasons as yet unknown, a 56-year-old worker fell several meters from a balcony while clearing a balcony and suffered serious injuries. Despite resuscitation measures initiated immediately, the man unfortunately died on site. ”

The exact circumstances of the accident are now being investigated by the responsible public prosecutor’s office in cooperation with detectives and the Zurich City Police’s Accident Technology Service. The cause of death will also be clarified by specialists from the Institute for Forensic Medicine. Specialists from the Forensic Institute Zurich moved out to secure evidence.

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