Thursday, December 3, 2020
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“Temptation Island VIP” -Mario: “Giulia was humiliated!”

Temptation Island VIP Seducer Mario Wittmann is shocked how Giulia Siegel (46) was treated! The DJane and her partner Ludwig Heer (39) are...

Giulia Siegel regrets “If my children see this” statement

Apparently Giulia Siegel (46) overreacted a little at the moment. The blonde and her partner Ludwig Heer (39) are currently facing the challenge...

That’s why Giulia Siegel really burst into tears

Giulia Siegel sits crying and with a contorted face by the campfire. Photo: TVNowWe have never seen Giulia Siegel like this: The 46-year-old slipped...
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